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India is a country where acquiring a medical education is very fascinating and this trend is getting hype every year despite having tough competition in the NEET exam. The dream of becoming a doctor among the youth of India encourages around 16.8 Lakh aspirants in 2021 to attain a seat in the Indian Government and Private medical colleges. But unfortunately, the medical seats in India are only 83,000 including all the categories.

This huge gap between the number of aspirants and a limited number of seats create a situation where around 16 lakh students do not get admission in India. All the candidates who are unable to get the medical seats devastated their dream and they give up on it. Some of them accept the failure and get enrolled in other courses available in the medical sphere in India where some students choose to extend their battle against the NEET UG exam and take a drop to improve their score.

But there are a few NEET qualified medical aspirants who do not want to waste another year looking for alternatives to study medicine. In this situation where candidates lose their hope, MBBS Abroad opens an opportunity for them.

For more than two decades, there have been plenty of aspirants willing to study medicine in foreign countries, hence the MBBS abroad option has been continuously emerging for Indian students. There are many countries that are offering the same or equivalent MBBS degree as that of India.

The extended list of countries includes MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Kazakhstan, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, MBBS in Georgia, MBBS in Uzbekistan and so on.

Benefits of MBBS study Abroad over Indian private medical colleges can have a long list but here we will focus on a few points which make a huge difference while comparing MBBS in India V/S MBBS in Abroad.

Though there are some myths that hide the benefits of MBBS Abroad but here in this post we will clear all the myths with the facts that will help you to get more clarity while making your decision. Before that discussion, let’s see the benefits of studying MBBS in Abroad.

Benefits of MBBS Abroad over MBBS in India

Hassle-free admissions: Candidates can get admission in foreign universities for studying MBBS courses very easily. There is no need to pay high tuition fees & capitation fees and believe me if you are going through good and genuine people, you won’t face any issue while studying or throughout your MBBS degree. CollegeClue is a name which you can say is the other name of trust, reliability and accountability. We promise you to make the MBBS journey hassle-free. 

Time and Budget

MBBS abroad is generally chosen by medical aspirants who have scored fewer marks in the NEET UG exam than the cutoff. They don’t have a budget to get admission in Indian private medical colleges or they do not want to take a drop in improving the score so that they could get seats in government medical colleges. Study MBBS Abroad can be done within a budget range of 15 Lakh to 35 Lakh depending on the countries 

Development in personality

While studying MBBS abroad, you will develop an overall personality that will not only help you to become a successful doctor but also help you to develop a great personality. You will feel positive changes inside you that will reflect your personality. You will learn to deal with stress, hectic schedules and high pressure. This entire process will also help you to become a better person because you will feel more confident in your professional and personal life.

International exposure

While studying MBBS Abroad, you will get amazing international exposure that will surely change your life. You will meet with the people from different cultures, ethnicities with whom you will learn a lot of things about their culture and religion. When you live with students from different countries, English will be the only language of communication, by which you will increase your fluency while speaking and you will get exposure to different languages also.

Recognition and opportunities

Universities and medical colleges in foreign countries are globally recognised and their degree is valid across the world. After studying MBBS from abroad, a candidate can plan his career in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. So if you want to settle down in any foreign country, MBBS study Abroad is the best option to choose. So if you do not want to come back to India after graduation, you will have plenty of opportunities for which you can start preparing during your graduation.

 Syllabus and NEXT Coaching

The syllabus of an MBBS course in abroad countries is the same anywhere in the world but it might be possible that you will acknowledge different teaching methods because medical universities abroad focus on advanced teaching methods which is nothing but a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge. Despite having different teachers and teaching methods, the overall result will be the same.

If we take NEXT into consideration which will be held from 2023, the MBBS abroad option gives you the benefits in terms of budget. Because all MBBS aspirants either have enrolled themselves in Indian government/private colleges or any NMC approved foreign universities, they will have to appear in the NEXT exam. And to prepare you for the screening test, medical colleges abroad provide NEXT preparation classes from the beginning of the course so that they can easily clear the screening test in a single attempt.

For better results, you can choose those colleges which are known for good MCI test passing ratio and provide NEXT preparation from the beginning.


Several universities encourage the students by providing scholarships based on their academic performance which can help the students to reduce the education expense while studying MBBS Abroad. Students can also take the advantage of various grants and fee waivers schemes that can help financially weak students.

Which countries have become favourite destinations for Indian MBBS aspirants?

Study MBBS In Kazakhstan 

Kazakhstan is one of the emerging countries amongst the Indian Medical aspirants for MBBS study abroad, because of its high-quality education, world-class infrastructure, very near to India, low living cost and the major reason is that the top medical colleges in Kazakhstan run NMC approved medical syllabus and 5 years MBBS course. All these benefits can be availed by the students only in INR 15 Lakh.

Top NMC/MCI listed MBBS colleges in Kazakhstan

Medical Colleges in KazakhstanTotal 5 Year budget
UIB, International Medical School Almaty15 lakh
Astana Medical University Kazakhstan15.25 Lakh
Kazakh National Medical University20 Lakh
North Kazakhstan state university14.50 lakh
Semey State Medical University16.50 Lakh
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy17.00 Lakh
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University15.50 Lakh
West Kazakhstan State Medical University14.35 Lakh
Karaganda State Medical University16 Lakh

Study MBBS In Kyrgyzstan

When it comes to getting admission to an MBBS course abroad, Kyrgyzstan is a country which fulfils all the needs of a candidate that helps him to become a successful doctor. Its budget and distance from India are the two main reasons that attract the majority of Indian students who are looking for MBBS Abroad opportunities.

Because MBBS in India is quite tough and demands a high budget. So those students who have scored low marks in NEET or their poor financial condition does not support their dreams. In this situation MBBS in Kyrgyzstan gives you rays of hope to get your course done on a pocket-friendly budget and you will be awarded a globally recognised degree.

Top NMC/MCI listed MBBS colleges in Kyrgyzstan

Medical Colleges in KyrgyzstanTotal 5 Year budget
Kyrgyz State Medical UniversityINR 18.13 Lakh
Jalalabad Medical UniversityINR 13.83 Lakh
Asian Medical InstituteINR 12.13 Lakh
International School of MedicineINR 19.49 Lakh
Kyrgyz Russian- Slavic UniversityINR 14.13 Lakh
Osh State Medical UniversityINR 12.21 Lakh

Study MBBS In Uzbekistan

Indian Medical students who are looking for an economical destination for pursuing MBBS, Uzbekistan is perfect for them. This is the country that offers quality and affordable medical education with modern teaching methods. The best thing about the medical universities of Uzbekistan are WHO and NMC recognised students, who do not need to clear any language proficiency test to get admission.

The country is safe for Indian students and provides good international exposure which develops the overall personality of a medical candidate. The entire course curriculum taught during MBBS in Uzbekistan is in English and students will undergo a 1-year internship program in the affiliated hospitals which give a better understanding of the human body and its disease pattern.

Top NMC/MCI listed MBBS colleges in Uzbekistan

Medical Colleges in UzbekistanTotal 5 Year budget
Fergana medical institute of Public healthINR 14.35 Lakh
Bukhara State Medical InstituteINR 15.00 Lakh
Tashkent Medical AcademyINR 15.00 Lakh
Samarkand State Medical InstituteINR 16 Lakh
Andijan State Medical InstituteINR 20 Lakh

Study MBBS In Georgia

Many countries offer quality education if you are looking for a place where you can complete your MBBS in a peaceful and beautiful environment, Georgia is one that fits perfectly in your requirements. Medical universities in Georgia are known for their well-established reputation which is a result of students centric teaching methods and the use of the innovative approach in delivering quality education.

While counselling, we will provide you with the full information about the top NMC/MCI listed MBBS colleges in Georgia that will surely help you to make a better decision for your career because choosing a trustworthy institute is very important to get the degree on time with proper validation across all the countries of the world.

Top NMC/MCI listed MBBS colleges in Georgia

Medical Colleges in GeorgiaTotal 5 Year budget
Akaki Tsereteli State UniversityINR 20.16 Lakh
The University of GeorgiaINR 28.41 Lakh
Tbilisi State Medical UniversityINR 37.74 Lakh
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State UniversityINR 31.26 Lakh
ILIA state universityINR 25.75 Lakh
Grigol Robakidze UniversityINR 20.16 lakh
European UniversityINR 22.38 Lakh
Caucasus UniversityINR 28.94 Lakh
Caucasus International UniversityINR 26.64 Lakh

Study MBBS In Russia

Russia is home to state of the art medical colleges that perfectly fits in the requirements of Indian medical aspirants. The country is the house of WHO and NMC recognised universities that have modern infrastructure infused with the latest amenities that enhance the education quality. 

India is generally price-sensitive and seeks a pocket-friendly budget option, they are easily adapt the cost of medical courses in Russia because of having the equal currency value ie 1 INR = 1 Ruble

Below is the list of the highly prefered list of MBBS colleges in Russian offering courses like General medicine, Dentistry etc. Students should consider the screening test passing ratio while selecting the colleges during counselling, hence here is the list of those medical college institutes that have more than 100 years of education history and a very decent MCI screening test passing ratio.

Top NMC/MCI listed MBBS colleges in Russia

Medical Colleges in RussiaTotal 5 Year budget
Voronezh State Medical UniversityINR 18.75 Lakh
Ural State Medical UniversityINR 15.00 Lakh
Ulyanovsk state universityINR 17.02 Lakh
Ryazan State Medical UniversityINR 20.42 Lakh
Medical Institute of MEPhiINR 21.31 Lakh
Kazan Federal UniversityINR 27.07 Lakh
Far Eastern Federal University INR 18.09 Lakh
Crimea Federal UniversityINR 18.00 Lakh
Altai State Medical UniversityINR 17.00 Lakh

Myth V/S Fact | Common queries of students and parents while choosing MBBS abroad

Myth No #1 – Its Study Abroad, it will be expensive

Fact – Yes, MBBS Abroad is expensive but only from Indian government colleges not from Indian private colleges. There are countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia which provide the same MBBS course to that of India starting from INR 12 Lakh onwards. So it is clear that MBBS abroad is far more economical than that of many private colleges in India.

Now the points come how the budget of any country for MBBS Study varies? Basically, it depends on various factors, like university type, Location and duration of the course. So choose the college wisely that fits your parents budget.

One can reduce the burden of education expenses with proper financial planning. You can go with some education loan options to support your study abroad dream. There are various scholarship programs run in the universities that can help you to reduce your tuition fee expenses.

Myth No #2 – Language will be the barrier while studying MBBS Abroad

Fact – Sometimes students and their parents think there will be communication barriers or accent understanding problems while pursuing MBBS Abroad and yes sometimes due to the wrong guidance of students take admission in the universities that offer bilingual course curriculum.

But with the proper guidance of genuine MBBS Abroad specialists like Collegeclue, you can ensure your admission in the universities which have set English as the main language of instruction and some universities also provide Indian faculties for teaching. So there won’t be any language barrier while studying or communicating with the local people.

And if we talk about accent problems, it can be learned with the time you spent there. Another benefit is, you will get an opportunity to learn new languages while studying.

Myth No #3 – MBBS Abroad is unsafe for Indian students

Fact– This is the genuine fear that comes into parents’ minds for their children because their children will be far away from them for 5 to 6 years. There may be many mishaps but that can also happen in India also. 

All the countries and their government authorities maintain law and order across the country. The universities themselves have strict safety policies under which ragging, harassment policies are included.

We as a leading MBBS abroad specialist take care of many things like we employ a dedicated Indian manager for solving any kind of issue. The colleges themselves have CCTV and a strong security system and students stay in the hostel under the proper surveillance of 1 or 2 wardens who knows your language and understands all your problems.

Myth No #4 – Studying MBBS Abroad is all about the party and fun

Fact –  It is true that students going for MBBS Abroad enjoy their education journey which happens to be full of educational and fun activities including various cultural events and get together. There is nothing different that does not happen in Indian medical colleges.

There is a perfect balance of education and social activities for the overall development of a candidate because STUDY & SPORTS both are necessary for physical and mental growth. Succeeding and distracting from the goals also depends on students sometimes, if they are dedicated to their studies, they will find all the supporting facilities while studying MBBS Abroad.

Myth No #5 Indian students feel left out among the other international students.

Teachers and professors in foreign universities are like mentors, all the students are the same for them. They pay equal attention to the Indian students also and they provide guidance regarding subjects, theory and practicals.

Not only studies, but they try to solve other queries of students also. All the staff in the foreign universities are supportive and for students’ convenience, CollegeClue has special tie-ups with the universities of some countries. Under which students get an opportunity to study with Indian teachers, so they won’t have any language barrier while understanding the medical concepts.

Myth No #6 Passing MCI/FMGE test in their first attempt

Fact –  Doctors who graduated from abroad universities have to appear in the MCI screening test to become a legal medical practitioner in India. This MCI/FMGE test will be known as the NEXT Exam from 2023. 

The exam is not tough but it is based on practical knowledge. It is just a qualifying exam but if a candidate has attended all the class and practical sessions with a focused mind and prepared for the MCI exam from the beginning, there is a high possibility that he will get success on the first attempt. 

And to ensure the best preparation for the NEXT exam, CollegeClue provides an online coaching facility to its candidates from the beginning of the course. So that students can get maximum benefits within a minimum time period.


MBBS abroad gives a medical aspirant a great advantage over MBBS in India, it has a plethora of benefits that we have discussed above in this post. It’s a suggestion that should be considered by all MBBS aspirants, who are either taking a drop after getting low marks in the NEET UG Exam or they are giving up on their dream of becoming a doctor after too many attempts. Every student while planning his/her MBBS journey should consider MBBS Abroad in their mind because it can save their time and money both and award the students with the equivalent MBBS degree.

So, what will you choose? — A TRADITIONAL way or a SMART way to become a doctor.

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