The scholarship may be one of the biggest achievements for the students while pursuing an MBBS course Abroad. It can help those students who are financially weak but have a great potential to become a doctor. It is a kind of award that can be utilized to reduce the burden of education fees and work as a tuition fees waiver.

Students can avail the benefit two types of scholarship while pursuing MBBS Abroad

Scholarship provided by University:
Most of the international medical universities have been continuously trying to encourage the students to complete their MBBS Degree Abroad through various scholarship programs. To avail of these scholarships, the management has set a certain set of rules that need to be fulfilled by the students. There are some scholarship programs that are very helpful for the needy students, who are capable of studying medicine in MBBS universities Abroad but unable to pursue their dream due to financial problems.

Medical students want to avail benefits of aids from the university but due to lack of knowledge, they can not take the benefits and give up on their dream of becoming successful doctors. Here CollegeClue comes into play and provides all the information about the universities offering scholarships for the students because every university has its own set of rules.

Although students can also search the list of the universities and their scholarship programs online it requires a lot of research and it is also possible that they could not get the right details about each program. But if they contact CollegeClue, our counselor will help with the right knowledge of scholarship programs offered by the universities from any foreign country.

Types of Foreign scholarship Available for the universities

Merit-Based: Almost of the financial support program fall under this category, Students are awarded a scholarship based on their academic background or marks obtained in the running semesters

NEED-based: These scholarship programs are specifically designed for those students who have low family income or financial week backgrounds.

Subject Specific: Some universities in foreign countries provide scholarships for their specific subject like medical, Engineering, Pharmacy, Dental, and many more

Destination Specific: Several foreign countries promote education as a primary need like Food, Shelter, and Clothes. So they provide subsidies on tuition fees or provide free education for all.

Scholarship provided by CollegeClue:
It is the pioneering step of CollegeClue to support or encourage the students who are academically strong but financially weak.  It is a part of our own scholarship program for MBBS Abroad, in which we offer a 50% discount on the entire processing fee paid by the students. This scholarship program is specifically designed for the students who have a huge potential to become a doctor or those candidates who have scored 500+ marks in NEET Exam.

CollegeClue provides every detail about the universities and their scholarship programs. Students are suggested to consult with our counselor before choosing any country or university for MBBS Study Abroad.