Why Study Veterinary in Abroad?

Veterinary is the branch that deals with the prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, disorders, and injuries related to animals. Along with this, it deals with animal rearing, husbandry, breeding, and nutrition research. The scope in veterinary science is wide covering all animal species, both domestic as well as wild. It helps human health through the monitoring and control of zoonotic disease (Infection transferred from non-human animals to humans).

Studying veterinary medicine abroad has become very popular due to low tuition fees, living expenses, quality of education, globally recognized degrees. Veterinary is a great job and a popular career choice for medical students. Veterinary courses abroad provide opportunities to the students to learn more about animals which they may not have the chance to meet in their home country. It is a challenging task but if you wish to save animals lives, veterinary degree abroad is the right choice for you. The study of medicine is widely practiced with and without professional supervision both. Occupational care is led by a Veterinary Surgeon and Para- veterinary workers such as veterinary Nurse. It can be cultured with other specialties such as animal physiotherapy and species relevant roles.



  • The student must have completed 12th from a recognized board.
  • PCB (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)  aggregate marks:
  1. Gen. 50%
  2. OBC/ SC/ST: 40%
  • Must have NEET Qualified.
  • The student must be 17 years or above age as of 31st December of the year in which the student seeking admission.


  • The student must have completed a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science (BVSc).
  • The minimum pass percentage required for the MVSc course is 60%

The duration of the Veterinary Science course differs with the program level you choose duration of a Bachelor’s Degree is 5 years, whereas the Duration for a Master’s degree is 2 years.


Just like a Human Doctor, to be an animal doctor is also a Nobel profession, animals also play a major role in nature, and if you love animals and Science, then you might want to be a veterinarian. Nowadays most families are having animals in their families, and they also treat their pets as their family members, not in India but, also Abroad there are so many pet clinics that treat animals and take care of their health. Veterinary doctor plays a vital role in maintaining animal’s health and not only a single type of animal but so many breeds and types of animals.


Every employer is looking for a candidate with a high level of experience & education, and study in abroad can boost-up your skills and experience to another level. You will gather practical knowledge in an international field. Most probably you will learn a new language that helps you to handle the situation that people who study at home won’t do, and you will also learn veterinary from another perspective. This will help you to become more independent and react better to situations you are familiar with. Indeed, if you study abroad, you will be much more open-minded and less likely to suffer from any cultural shock or negative surprises in your career.