Malaysia is one of the sought after Asian countries for not only tourism but also for medical education. Getting the opportunity to study MBBS in Malaysia is like a dream come true for Indian students. 

By providing quality education, it has marked its position in the most demanding countries for medical education. Universities of Malaysia offer 6 years of MBBS course which includes 5 years of the academic and 1 year of internship program. 

Being a multicultural hub, it has been recognised as an important destination that focuses on enhancing its educational institutions to provide better higher education at a reasonable cost with a plethora of opportunities. Besides, being closest to India, students from India find it as one of the convenient destinations to complete their MBBS degree. 

About Malaysia

Language Malay & English
Population  32.37 million (2020)
Capital city  Kuala Lumpur
Currency  Malaysian Ringgit
Air distance from Delhi to Kuala Lumpur 3839 KM

WHO & MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Malaysia

Below is the list of best medical colleges in Malaysia which have accepted English as a medium of instruction and offer a 6-year MBBS course for medical students. These institutes have a decent FMGE passing rate and are perfect for those students who are seeking low-budget colleges in Malaysia.

Here we are providing the list of top medical colleges in Malaysia which offer MBBS courses and follow a fully English Medium Course curriculum to the medical aspirants. The overall budget of all these colleges goes between the range of INR 10 Lakh to INR 20 Lakh.

Medical University MBBS Course Budget
International Medical University Rs 19,62,262
AIMST University Rs 13,32,244
Quest international university Rs 10,93,398

It is critically important to cross-check all the details before taking admission to any medical college. There are some institutes that provide bilingual courses, so you should not opt for those colleges. 

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MBBS Universities In Malaysia

Eligibility for MBBS study in Malaysia

Age – Students must have completed 17 years of age when he/she taking admission (by 31st of December) 

Academic – Candidate must have scored 50% marks in 12th (for general category students) and 40% mark (For reserved category) in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

NEET – Qualifying scorecard is required, it should not be older than 3 years.

Required Documents to take admission for MBBS in Malaysia

  • Correctly filled admission form
  • 12th class mark sheet
  • 10th class mark sheet
  • NEET Qualifying scorecard
  • Original Passport (Scanned copy of first and last page)
  • 15 to 20 passport size photographs

You can contact us @ +91-9310389494 to process your application without error.

Admission process for MBBS in Malaysia

The step by step admission process for studying MBBS in Malaysia

  • Fill the admission form on the official website under our experts’ guidance.
  • After filling the admission form correctly, send your scanned copies of the original documents to us.
  • Pay the registration fee and get an admission letter within 2 or 3 working days
  • After getting an admission letter, you can pay the first-year tuition fee directly to the university account.
  • You can now apply for your visa after getting a confirmation letter from the university
  • Obtain a visa to study MBBS in your selected medical college in Malaysia
  • Book a ticket and take off.

How to Process Visa MBBS Admission in Malaysia?

You will have to submit some important documents asked by the authorities for applying for a visa like a birth certificate, offer letter, proof of fee payment, medical & transfer certificates.

The embassy gives priority to the student visa, hence you won’t have to wait for long. Still, students are suggested that they should apply for a visa at least 45 days before the date when they are planning to travel.

Our experienced Visa team help you to get a visa as fast as possible with a 100% success rate.

Our full-fledged assistance for MBBS Study in Malaysia

  • We help you to obtain an admission letter from your selected university within 2 or 3 working days.
  • Visa support with 100% success ratio
  • Apostille stamping
  • Air ticket and travel assistance
  • Indian food facility
  • Separate hostel facility for Indian students
  • NEXT FMGE preparation Assistance
  • Indian manager
  • Currency Exchange

We don’t leave our candidates alone at any stage of their MBBS journey. They will get assistance from CollegeClue starting from counselling till their degree completion.  They can also get benefited from our NEXT preparation from the first year of their MBBS course.

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Benefits of studying MBBS in Malaysia

  • Indian students generally choose MBBS in Malaysia because of Low tuition fees, affordable cost of living, availability of Indian food because numerous Indian citizens are living there.
  • The air distance between India to Malaysia is around 3500 km which takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes via direct flight.
  • The major attraction behind studying MBBS in Malaysia is very low educational expenses.
  • To get admission to the MBBS course in Malaysia you need to qualify just a basic eligibility criteria
  • Language of instruction is English in almost all medical universities of Malaysia
  • After completion of the MBBS course, students get a globally recognised degree and they can work as a globally recognised physician
  • Medical colleges in Malaysia are accredited by International organisations like WHO.
  • Colleges have affiliated hospital networks to provide internship opportunities to the students
  • The universities provide scholarships based on merit or good academic history.
  • Students taking admission through collegeclue can get benefited from Indian food and a separate hostel facility where Indian students can live separately with other Indian students and they will get Indian food prepared by our Indian chefs in the hostel premises.

MBBS Students lifestyle in Malaysia

Indian students don’t feel out of place in Malaysia while studying because of having a similar tradition to that of India. Malaysia is a country for food and travel lovers where various tourist places attract citizens of other countries and they can easily find Indian, Chinese and Malay styles of food variety. 

Accommodation cost in Malaysia is comparatively cheaper than in many cities in India. It has a well-connected transportation system that ensures you can easily reach your institute campus. If you wish to stay off-campus, you can easily rent a flat and can stay in sharing with your companions.

There are facilities like rail passes and bus passes by which you can save money and travel at a discounted rate.

Malaysia is also one of the favourite destinations for adventure enthusiasts or who love tracking etc. There are several local sports clubs from where you take part in various sports activities like dirt biking, Football, skydiving and parasailing

Malaysia offers very good wages for part-time workers. It will help to gain some extra experience and money.

Overall, Malaysia is an ideal option for earning an MBBS degree, it offers an environment that is closest to the Indian way of life.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Is IELTS mandatory for pursuing MBBS in Malaysia?

No, there is no requirement of passing any language test, but students must be good in English speaking and understanding.

  • Can I pay my tuition fee in Installation?

Of course, you can pay your tuition fee in instalments. Malaysian universities never ask you to pay the entire course fee altogether, students have to pay on a yearly or semester basis depending on the policy of that university.

If you are seeking other instalments, you can shoot an email directly to the university mentioning your query. For more information about fees and payment details, you can contact us @ +91-9310374013.

  • Can I find grocery products in Malaysia similar to that of India?

Yes, Indian medical students can find all Indian grocery products & spices in the Malaysian supermarket.

  • What is the exact duration of an MBBS course in  Malaysia?

The entire MBBS course duration is of 6 years which is as per the new gazette released by NMC including 12 months internship. Though there is a possibility for some changes in course curriculum and internship.

  • Is Malaysia safe for Indian students?

Malaysia is ranked on the 19th position in the list of most stable countries. Here the life of international students is pleasant, it offers a healthy nature that makes Indian students profoundly suitable to study in Malaysia in comparison to any other Asian country.