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The Embassy of India, Nur-sultan, Kazakhstan opens the doors of opportunity for Ukraine returnee students.

Our exclusive partner college International Medical School, Almaty, Kazakhstan has been selected by the Indian embassy, Nur-sultan to accept the Ukraine returnee students. This step has been taken to provide the benefits to those students who are looking to transfer their MBBS course from their concerned college in Ukraine to any other NMC approved medical institute.

According to the Embassy of India, Nur-sultan, Kazakhstan, IMS Almaty is one of those medical colleges which completely satisfy all the rules under the new NMC Gazette 2021 guideline.

Some major rules are listed here:

  1. The Program should be a minimum of 54 months. 
  2. Additional one-year Internship to be completed in the country, where medical qualification has been awarded. 
  3. The MBBS education must be in English Medium.

Apart from it, IMS Almaty is listed in the list of WHO (World Health Organization), World Directory of Medical Schools & the Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER

The Embassy of India has chosen IMS Almaty to hand over this responsibility because of its impressive academic history with Indian medical students. This college was already emerging as a hot destination among Indian medical aspirants because of its various advantages.

  • It is very near to India (only 3:30 hours distance)
  • Having Indian professors who have vast experience with NMC and FMGE syllabus 
  • Best accommodation and Indian food facility to the students.
  • FMGE/NEXT preparation from the beginning of the medical course and many more.
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