NMC Authorized Mbbs Colleges Accepting Ukraine Returnees

Indian students who were studying MBBS in Ukraine had to return to their home country due to the Russia Ukraine war crisis. Now they all are facing another challenge because their MBBS career is on hold.

Students who have successfully fled Ukraine are facing a new difficulty of transferring their MBBS course to another country. Because NMC Gazette 2021 says that a candidate must complete his/her MBBS degree from a single location but looking at the chaos among Ukraine returnees, NMC (National Medical Council) allowed some reputed medical colleges from some countries to accept the Ukraine returnee transfers. 

The following colleges are listed below:

The above universities are perfectly compatible with the new NMC Gazette 2021 and NMC guidelines regarding MBBS abroad.

Prior to the war crisis, Ukraine had more than 75,000 international students from all over the world and around 20,000 students from India only. It was a popular destination for MBBS abroad for various reasons including low tuition, easy visa and the opportunity to make a career in European countries. 

This opportunity will be like grasping at straws for many Ukraine returnees and will give them a chance to keep their MBBS course continue. Students can choose the destination as per their requirements and seat availability in the respective year of curriculums.

What does NMC Gazette 2021 say?

  • The entire medical course must have English as a medium of instruction throughout the course.
  • 12-month internship from the institute where you get enrolled followed by 12 months of supervised internship in India.
  • MBBS course duration should not be less than 54 months.
  • Candidate must be registered with the respective official regulatory/competent body

The mentioned universities are abiding by all the criteria of NMC Gazette 2021 thus perfectly suitable and safe for pursuing MBBS. Interested candidates can discuss it with our expert counsellors @ 93103 82181

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