Ukraine Returnees Final Year Students Are Allowed To Appear In Fmge Exam

NMC always thinks about the betterment of students. In the recently published notification, NMC announced that the final year MBBS abroad students who returned to India due to covid and the Russia-Ukraine war will be eligible to appear in the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE).

What is in the official notification of NMC?

“NMC released its official statement after the decision of the supreme court on 29 April. The notification stated that Indian students who were in the last of their MBBS undergraduate course (had to leave their foreign medical institute and came back to Indian due to the Covid pandemic and Russia Ukraine war crises) and have subsequently completed their studies also have been granted a certificate of completion of the course by their respective institute, on or before June 30, 2022, shall be permitted to appear in FMGE exam,” the notice said.

Provision for a 2-year internship

The candidates would be expected to complete a CRMI (Compulsory Rotating Medical Internship) for two years rather than the current one-year internship after passing the FMGE Exam.

NMC notification has clearly stated that this relaxation is given to the foreign medical students as a one-time measure only and will not be considered as “precedence in the future”. That means this relaxation given to the students is for one time only.

It is also stated that foreign medical graduates will become eligible to get registered after finishing the two-year CRMI.

This CRMI is compulsory for foreign medical graduates because their clinical internship could not have been done due to pandemics and Ukraine’s Russian war crises. 

These two year of CRMI will help them to become familiar with the practice of medicine under Indian conditions.

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