Becoming a DOCTOR is tough, not only in terms of study point of view but also from other perspectives like handling critical patients, facing new diseases, hectic schedules, and many more. 

Here in this post, instead of discussing how to become a doctor, I will take you on the journey of a medical student from 12th standard to completing the MBBS degree.

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Students of 12th with biology

✔Do you remember the time? When you have decided to study biology to fulfil your dream of becoming a DOCTOR.

✔Was there any second thought? No!

✔Was there any other career option?

✔Why have you chosen Biology instead of Mathematics and other subjects?

I guess, the answer to all the questions will be the same. 

Because becoming a doctor was not be a fantasy for you, it must have been your passion or a glimpse of the future personality that you wanted to become. And this dream is nurtured continuously with your studies at school and until you qualify for the NEET Exam.


I have seen many medical aspirants or biology students who give up on their dream because of the hurdles they face in their journey. If you have scored low marks in NEET UG or have a weak financial background, it doesn’t mean you have done anything wrong or have taken a wrong decision for taking biology subject.

NEET is a challenging & very competitive exam and getting a high score in this exam doesn’t depend only on your knowledge or skills. Of course, you should have vast knowledge about 12th level medical concepts but there are other deciding factors that decide your selection. 

Major factors that decide your selection in NEET UG Exam

  • High competition
  • Caste criteria
  • Limited seats
  • High budget
  • Number of medical colleges

So securing or not securing a medical seat in India is not in your hands only, there are several factors that reduce the possibility of success of a medical aspirant.

Let’s look at the figures

Number of students registered V/S seat distribution for NEET Exam 

YearTotal applicantsNo. of seats in Govt. medical collegesNumber of seats in Private medical collegesTotal MBBS Seats
202116.14 Lakh41,38835,54076,928
202015.93 Lakh41,38838,66780055
201915.19 Lakh41,51041,56583,075
201813.26 Lakh30,45529,54560,000 

Year wise cutoff for NEET UG exam

YearsCut off (General, Reserved)
2018131, 107
2019119, 96
2020134, 107
2021138, 108

The above figures have brought a clear picture of the competition for medical aspirants. We can take the average of the above data; Assume 15 lakh students are applying for NEET Exam every year and look at the number of seats in government colleges that are around 40,000 only.

Only 2.6% of students will get seats in the Government medical colleges of India. That means they can study MBBS at reasonable prices, no doubt the tuition fee in government medical colleges is very low and any medical aspirant can get his/her MBBS degree within a budget of 50,000 only.

Here is the situation that, if you have secured very high marks in the NEET entrance exam, you can study the MBBS course at a very reasonable price.

Now, if we look at another side i.e MBBS from private medical colleges in India, the scenario is completely different. A medical student has paid the tuition fee + hefty amount for the sake of donation, and genuinely paying this amount is very far from the reach of a student who belongs to a middle-class family.

The budget for MBBS study from private medical colleges in India starts from 30 lakh to 1 crore and more. Here, only those students can take the benefits who belong to a family either having a decent business background or having a political background.

Now the fact is that those who have a high score in the NEET exam, can take admission in government medical colleges and can pursue their dream of becoming a doctor irrespective of their financial background. And those who have a decent financial background can take admission to a private medical college in India through management quota.


Now, the question is, 

✔What will the rest of the students do?

✔Is there no future for those who neither have a good score in NEET nor have great financial support?

If you are also stuck in the same situation in which you are qualified for the NEET exam but have not secured enough marks to get the MBBS seat and you don’t even have a high budget so that you can pay the donation in private medical colleges.

Remember one thing here, 👇

✔What will you do, if you have an option to obtain the same degree with the same validation & recognition?

✔Will you choose this option?

I know, the majority of you would be nodding your heads in a big YES. but the question arises here “HOW?”

I want to take your attention towards a situation, in which you can also pursue your dream career

A Path From NEET to NEXT

NEET is an entry-level exam & NEXT is an Exit exam

You will be very familiar with the NEET exam, it is an entry-level exam. Medical aspirants need to undergo a strict preparation schedule to crack it. It includes cut-throat competition with very little chance of success (≈2 to 4%). 

On the other hand, NEXT (National Exit Test) is an Exit exam, currently known as FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination). It will be implemented from 2023 (speculated) and mandatory for all Indian medical graduates who have done MBBS either from Abroad or from India.

How is NEXT different from FMGE/MCI Screening Test?

FMGE is an exam that is mandatory for Indian medical graduates who have completed their MBBS degree abroad and want to practice their medical skills in India.

It is now compulsory for both the students who have completed their MBBS degree from Abroad or Indian Government/Private college. No matter from where you have done MBBS, you will have to appear in FMGE/NEXT exam to validate your degree or to practice in India.

From 2023, FMGE & NEET-PG will be merged & replaced by NEXT: National Exit Test which will be a common exit exam for MBBS, Indian as well as Foreign Medical Graduates. Its pattern will be the same as the FMGE test.


Now here is an interesting twist in the story!

Now all medical graduates who have done MBBS either from India or Abroad, all will have to qualify for the NEXT exam to become eligible for practicing medicine in India. Hence, there will be no difference between doing MBBS from India or Abroad.

Criteria to get admission in medical colleges

Here I am talking about the major factors or criteria that enable the medical aspirants to take admission in medical colleges.

✔Those who get very high marks in the NEET exam can secure seats in government colleges in India.

✔Those who have average marks in the NEET exam but have strong financial background can take admission in Indian private colleges through management quota or paying high donations.

But what about those who score average marks in the NEET exam and do not have any financial support.

They do not need to lose hope, because here is a great opportunity for them that allows them to get an equivalent MBBS degree with all recognition and accreditation. STUDY MBBS ABROAD

Pursuing MBBS from foreign countries is in trend and very high in demand. The reason behind it, a student can save a lot of MONEY, TIME & EFFORTS, if they choose the MBBS abroad option.

Now, when the criteria to legalize your medical degree is the same whether you have studied MBBS from India or Abroad, you must look at the important factors to select the best medical university for you.

I am going to focus on the important points which must be in mind while selecting Medical colleges Abroad.

How to select MBBS colleges to study MBBS Abroad?

✔Medical College must be WHO recognized

✔It must provide a Fully English Medium curriculum

✔It must provide good clinical exposure

✔Indian Food and accommodation facility should be there

✔FMGE/MCI screening test passing ratio must be high (CollegeClue provide FMGE preparation facility from 1 semester)


I know, checking all these points in a university which is thousands of miles away from you is quite difficult. So to ensure all these things, you should choose a platform that provides you the detailed information about MBBS abroad and also provide benefits like FMGE preparation assistance, Indian caretaker, Accommodation & Indian food facility, Visa assistance, and transparency at each step.

Advantage of studying MBBS Abroad over MBBS in India

✔No need to pay high tuition fees, donations, so that you can save havoc of money

✔Get the equivalent MBBS degree to that of India with the same accreditation & recognition

✔Save time and number of attempts for reappearing in the NEET exam

✔Get international exposure to Medical education

✔Opportunity to study with great students diversity

✔Opportunity to get clinical exposure of different disease spectrum

✔Chance study in world-class infrastructure specially designed for medical learnings

✔Affordable and low living cost which is almost similar or less to that India


When the criteria to practice in India after MBBS is the same for both medical graduates who have done their degree from the Indian government & Private colleges or from Abroad, both have to qualify for the NEXT/FMGE exam. In this situation, I strongly recommend the MBBS Abroad option for those who have average or low scores in the NEET exam and budget issues.

Why to choose CollegClue?

Because we are a one-stop solution for all study abroad admission needs. Once you connect with us, you will get benefited from your MBBS abroad application to the degree completion.

✔Discover the right educational opportunities that fit in your budget

✔Get assistance for FMGE/NEET-PG from our platform and start your preparation from the first semester.

 ✔Explore 10+ Countries’ options & 100+ Medical Universities at a single platform

✔Get benefited from our 11+ years of experience & expertise in Overseas MBBS Admissions

✔More than 3000 students have shown trust in us by taking admission in medical colleges Abroad

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✔No other mediators, we have direct tie-ups with universities

✔Get benefited from our accommodation, Indian food facility, and other Post departure services

✔Get connected with our India manager, who will take care of everything during your MBBS course period.


MBBS is not just a course or a degree, it consists of a lot of hard work, huge investment, emotions of your parents, the struggle of aspirants, and many more. You should neither give up on your dream of becoming a doctor nor you should choose a medical college in the hustle. You will have to make a conscious decision while choosing the right institute and the right platform to fulfill your dream with proper guidance.

And CollegeClue is the one that secures Your Journey From NEET Aspirant To Become A Medico.

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