Foreign Medical Students Can Complete Their Internship In India_ NMC Guidelines

After facing a compelling situation such as the covid pandemic and Ukraine Russian war. Many foreign medical graduates were stuck in the middle of their internship programme but due to these unforeseen situations, they had to go back to their home country.

Now they are in a dilemma about how they can complete their internship or clinical training in this compelling situation. Providing solutions to this situation NMC has allowed the foreign medical graduates to complete their internship in India.

Why are foreign medical graduates allowed to apply for internships in India?

NMC has allowed the FMGs to complete their remaining internship in India any pandemic or war situation is not in the control of any candidates. If this situation had not happened they would have completed their internship successfully. 

Foreign medical graduates are assets of India and due to these unpredictable situations, the career of thousands of students will be stuck in the middle. To cross over with their boat, NMC has made its decision to allow them to complete their internship in Indian hospitals.

Eligibility criteria for FMGs for internship in India

  • Candidates who have acquired a foreign medical degree, before 18 November 2021.
  • Candidates who have joined an MBBS course in any foreign institution before November 18 will also be included in this category.
  • Candidates who are specifically exempted by the Central government through official notification.

Internship guidelines for Foreign medical graduates in India

Considering all the situations, NMC has released some guidelines which are listed below:

  • The medical degree of a candidate should be registrable for practising medicine in the country.
  • The candidate should have documentary evidence indicating successful completion of Physical training during the medical qualification equivalent to the MBBS course.
  • Passport copy Immigration and Visa details.
  • The candidate seeking registration in India should have cleared FMGE conducted by the National Board of Examination.
  • If the candidates are found fulfilling the above criteria, they may be granted  provisional registration for 12 months or a balanced period by state medical councils
  • The internship shall be permitted by NMC in medical college or hospital attached to it by
  • The quota for Foreign medical graduates’ internships will be restricted to 7.5% of the total permitted seats to the medical institutions.
  • State medical councils will ensure that no fee will be charged by the medical colleges from the foreign medical graduates for allowing them to do their internship.
  • The stipend and other facilities will be equivalent to that of Indian medical graduates who are being trained by government medical colleges and fixed by the authorities.

NMC Guidelines for Internship registration In India for Foreign Medical Graduates

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