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According to the recent advisory issued by NMC (National Medical Council), there are dozens of medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan which are providing admission to international students without having a single local Kyrgyz student.

It has come into notice of MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) that several medical colleges have launched in the last year and are providing enrollment to the Indian and other international students from their launch date. The colleges are listed below:

Avicenna University

Adam University 

Int’l Medical University

Salymbekov University

Royal Metro University and many more

This is a part of the NMC advisory for foreign medical colleges released on 18 February 2022 that these colleges have violated the norms of admitting international students. Students who are looking for MBBS Abroad opportunities generally get influenced by the consultant at the time of admission process and ignore the supervisory, regulatory and infrastructural policies of medical colleges in foreign countries.

This matter has come to the light that many Indian medical students have taken admission in the above-mentioned universities and many students would be planning to enroll themselves in the colleges.

A great percentage of students from India have immigrated to Kyrgyzstan to study their medical courses in these colleges but after the release of the NMC advisory, there will be a significant backdrop of the students. The ultimate purpose of this advisory is to help the students who are seeking to enroll in these colleges.

Some points that are mentioned in the NMC advisory are simplified below:

  • These colleges have provided admission to Indian and other international students without the enrollment of single Kyrgyz students. Basically, they are not maintaining local and international students ratio in the colleges.
  • Students who are looking for an MBBS Abroad opportunity should have the awareness that any foreign university should not have supervisory, regulatory and infrastructural issues. Generally, these issues are overlooked by the students before taking admission.
  • Allowing international students on the launch day also violates the international norms for MBBS Abroad admission. Students must be aware of this fact, if any college is functioning like this, their license may get cancelled when caught by the authorities.
  • NMC Advisory released on 18 February 2022 stated that students looking for admission in institutes of Kyrgyzstan or any other foreign country must refer to the National Commission’s FMGE Regulations 2021 before applying.
  • Students must undergo well research and are advised to exercise due diligence while choosing medical colleges in foreign countries.

According to the report, 70% to 80% of students fail to clear FMGE Exam (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) which is the mandatory screening exam to secure a registration to practice in India. It is found that some foreign medical colleges offer MBBS courses at very cheap prices and do not provide the required equipment, clinical exposure and infrastructure as per the international standards for medical education results MBBS graduates are not capable of treating the patient in real life.

These facts raise questions against the quality of medical education provided in the universities which are not up to the mark of international standards or the ministry of external affairs of India.

To avoid these conflicts, both the parents and students need to take care of this and wisely choose medical colleges in Abroad.
Check out NMC advisory 18 February 2022

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