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NEET-UG 2022 Exam – The only way to get into the Medicine sphere.

The medical field has been always in the limelight for many years and the MBBS course is one of the most demanding courses among Indian students. With such demands, it leads to very tough competition among MBBS aspirants.

The report says, on average 15 Lakh students appeared for NEET UG Exam for only 80,000 seats in the Government and Private colleges of India both. Let’s look at the figures for every year and find the gap and we will look into the Last 4 months’ strategies for droppers to crack the NEET UG 2022.

Number of students registered V/S seat distribution for NEET Exam

YearTotal applicantsNo. of seats in Govt. medical collegesNumber of seats in Private medical collegesTotal MBBS Seats
202116.14 Lakh41,38835,54076,928
202015.93 Lakh41,38838,66780055
201915.19 Lakh41,51041,56583,075
201813.26 Lakh30,45529,54560,000 

The gap can be understood with the above numbers. This huge gap restricts the dreams of many aspirants who study hard but don’t get its fruit in their single attempts. As a result, the success rate of droppers in neet increases.

Taking a drop means, you will have to study all the syllabus again, you will have to accept that you got defeated, all the tips and tricks that you have prepared or study with your best efforts. But the truth is you will have to go through the same process again.

Now, it’s high time to rethink your strategies but don’t worry now we will help you to create a full-proof blueprint for success. 

Let’s start

“Failure is a success if you have learnt from it”

Analyse what went wrong?

The first and the key strategy for neet 2022 preparation strategy for droppers is to find what went wrong the last time. If you figure out the reason, your 50% job is done for the second attempt. Because you have worked hard with your hard efforts but it might be possible that you have gone wrong at some point. Accepting the reason behind why you could not crack the examination.

Be honest with yourself and take full responsibility for your failure. List down the key points that you feel you have gone wrong while preparing. Because accepting and realising your weakness is crucial to overcome them and perform better in the next attempt.

Your aim for creating this list is to leave no stone unturned that can pull you down in your next attempt. You have to tick them off one by one. If you haven’t spent the right time on some topics then this is the time to make that right. If you are in doubt, then clear them with your teachers and friends. This list can be short or long depending on how you have listed your weakness but don’t leave anything unticked

Change perspective for NEET preparation

You need a mentor if you have not yet. Because this time, you are already aware of the syllabus of NEET and Exam pattern. You have already practised a lot of questions while giving your mock test. So you need to start the preparation this time with a different angle, but the question is how? Where should you start your preparation this time? 

This is where you will need help from a mentor. He will analyse your preparation strategy and will suggest a way to think about your preparation from a different angle. Do not hesitate to ask for any help and by doing so, you can start your NEET preparation from a fresh perspective.

A new Schedule

Maintaining a schedule gives your preparation a boost because you can measure where you are spending your time. Many of you must have enrolled yourself in a coaching institute and it is important also but self-study plays a crucial role in your preparation. You will be required to follow 6 to 8 hours of self-study routine in which you can divide your time into various sections. Make a schedule and fix it in front of you where you sit for study. If not having a proper schedule was in the list of “what went wrong last year” then you must follow this step in your drop year and adhere to it honestly. You can prepare a special timetable for neet droppers and can rock in the exam.

Stay Focused

One of the biggest problems that droppers face during their preparation is losing focus and self-doubt. When you look at your counterparts or you compare yourself with the others who got their seat last year, you give birth to unnecessary thoughts. 

First of all, every person is different with different capabilities. When you feel low, try to connect with your loved one or your friends over a call and just a random meeting. You can discuss your NEET preparation routine with your friends or seniors who have already cleared the NEET UG exam. Always seek suggestions from one who has knowledge about NEET preparation and can give some constructive suggestions. Stay focused, stay positive during your NEET preparation phase.

Fulfil the Gap’s

Divide your complete year into two parts. First 2 months, just fill the gaps or cover the sections that you have omitted last year. Clear your doubts from all the topics that were carried forward and make your weak areas your strength by focusing on the areas where improvement is required. During this period, also overlook revision, just try to balance the new and old study.

In the last 2 months of your preparation, you just focus on revision. Just devote equal time to all the subjects while revision.

Practise with Mock tests

During the last 4 months of your preparation which is your revision phase, try to give mock tests as many as possible. After giving the test, take an assessment of your performance and analyse where you are lacking. Take every mock test as your final exam and try to learn from every mock test. This assessment will help you strengthen your NEET preparation and help you to perform well in the main exam.

Besides, don’t forget to solve the previous year’s question papers in the last month of your preparation because sometimes the question can be repeated in the exam which will give an extra benefit while attempting the exam.

Avoid Guesswork

Now you have attempted the NEET-UG exam in the previous year so you already have an idea about the exam pattern and marking. There is a negative marking for every wrong answer that can reduce your score in the exam. So while practising mock tests, practice avoiding guesswork or do not attempt any question unless you are not sure with at least 80% of possibility.

This practice of avoiding guesswork will help you to attempt the questions you are sure of 100%.

Prepare short notes

The key benefit of short notes is you don’t have to search for anything in fatty medical books at the time of revision. Your self made notes save a lot of time and make your revision process very smooth, here are some tips to prepare short notes for the NEET UG Exam

  • Highlight important points with different colours while studying with a book or any study material.
  • Make notes on recurring mistakes you commit while attempting mock tests and practice them separately to achieve mastery in those topics
  • Note down the summary of the entire topic and staple it to pages from where you are studying them so that it won’t get misplaced
  • Try jotting down important highlights chapter wise in a sequential way.
  • Don’t copy the same text from books, just write it down in your own words
  • Collect all the information about a topic and jot it down in a single place so that at the time of revision you won’t have to need to refer to multiple books.

Breaks and Rest

Include short breaks in your study schedule. Because research says, we can not focus on one thing continuously for 1 hour. If you are studying continuously, you will get tired very fast and will get bored with the syllabus.

Our brain is like a computer that starts hanging if working continuously for long hours and requires a reset, similarly our brain needs rest to work properly without getting fatigued.

You can practise the Pomodoro technique while you are studying. If you are sitting to study, divide your every hour into 50 minutes of work and 10 minutes short break. By doing so, you will realise your sitting capability will increase with the period of time and your mind will retain the maximum information that you have stored.

Believe in yourself

Last but not least, you will have to believe in yourself. You have to visualise that you can do it. Because you may get distracted by others’ preparation schedules and that may deviate you from your own strategies but you need to make sure that you have analysed your situation very well and then prepared your strategies. Because getting deviated at the end moment will put you far from your goal.

Preparing for such a competitive exam in only 4 months is very tough but with proper strategy and systematic approach you can achieve success easily. You have to follow these above tasks religiously with a disciplined mindset, you will be able to crack the NEET UG exam in the last 4 months.

You will have to fight with this cutthroat competition with a warrior spirit and should know all the points about your enemy — Here enemy is your exam, to get success over it, you need to know everything about NEET UG Exam

Last but not the least, you need to remember that your goal is to become a Doctor not qualifying for any exam. The MBBS Abroad option is also there for you. 

We wish for you to achieve success in your battle, give your best this time and let your hard work pay off to you.

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