Why should medical students go for MBBS abroad

Medicine is one of the demanding careers not only in India but also across the globe. And the reason for this is that every country needs an effective health care system for which they need world-class and skilled health care professionals including Doctors, specialists, surgeons and many more. 

I do not know much about the way of becoming a doctor in other countries but if I talk about India, the only way to become a legal doctor is pursuing MBBS, getting a licence and then anyone can start practising his/her medical career.

Why are Indian students choosing MBBS abroad?

India is a youth country which means the majority of the population of India is youth and we all know that India comes on 2nd rank in terms of population. This situation creates a huge gap in the demand and supply of skilled medical professionals.

NEET UG exam is the only way to enter a medical career for Indian students due to huge competition. Every year around 17 lakh students register for the exam and only 50% of them are able to clear the exam.

Here is another problem, a student can not take a medical seat after just qualifying for the exam, he must have scored very high marks in the exam (650+/720) however the qualifying marks for the NEET exam are only 130 to 150 that have seen in the recent years of cut off.

According to the NMC, only 80 thousand seats are available for which 17 lakh students fight. Students are left with no option rather than taking a drop or giving up on their dreams if they do not come on the NEET merit list. 

Some students who take admission in private colleges of India have to pay high tuition fees and donations additionally. But not everyone can pay a crore of rupees for the sake of education.

So the answer for why medical students go for MBBS abroad is here. Because MBBS abroad is the only option to fill this gap, students can acquire the education degree having the same value and recognition as they get in the medical colleges of India.

Because MBBS abroad offers great opportunities for medical students, it has become a popular option among medical aspirants in India.

Let’s talk about other factors such as why Indian medical students go for MBBS abroad.

  1. Low Marks in NEET UG exam

After 2018 when the NEET exam became the single window to enter the medical sphere we have been continuously witnessing increasing competition in the medical field. After this incident, the MBBS abroad industry has grabbed a new pace. While taking admission in private and government medical colleges in India candidates require more than 500,650 and even 700 marks for some government colleges but while taking admission in MBBS abroad, only basic cut off marks are required than 138 for general candidates in 2021. So it reduces dependency on the NEET exams.

  1. Low budget compared to Private medical colleges of India

No doubt Indian government medical colleges are affordable but private medical colleges are very much expensive which cost around 70 lakh to 1 crore to pursue an MBBS course. In this case, a student belongs to a middle-class family, who will he/she afford their education, neither they can loan off such a hefty amount nor they can maintain it with their monthly income. 

If we talk about MBBS Abroad, this cost gets reduced to 15 lakh to 25 lakh in the majority of the countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia and many more. Yes, MBBS in the US, Canada, Netherland and Australia is much costlier than in India because they have their own selection criteria.

There are many hidden costs in private medical colleges in India like donations, capitation which is not required while taking admission in foreign medical colleges.

  1. High standard Education Quality

Foreign medical universities which are recognised by MCI and meet all international standards of education are suitable for studying MBBS. Because they have to meet international education standards issued by WHO, they always try to keep their education quality higher for local as well as international students. However, it is always suggested to check the rank, reviews of institutions to which you are planning to apply.

  1. Great International exposure

Studying in foreign universities means getting international exposure. You will get acquainted with the new culture, new language, new traditions that will help you to expand your network and overall growth of your personality. Studying abroad at universities will give you exposure to a variety of medical situations and you would learn how to deal with that situation using modern technology. Foreign universities have advanced apparatus, state of the art medical equipment and world-class teachers onboard to teach the students.

Final Takeaway

MBBS abroad has now become an emerging option for Indian students seeking low budget medical education. There would be different reasons for different students but all MBBS aspirants must think about studying MBBS abroad while planning their medical career. If you want to explore more about MBBS from foreign countries, you can call us and talk to our counsellors. They will analyse your requirements and will suggest to you the best country and university according to your defined budget.

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