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Ukraine is a destination that is gaining popularity among Indian students who want to pursue MBBS from foreign countries. The major reason for becoming a hotspot is that Ukraine is the hotspot of the world’s oldest medical universities which have been functioning for more than 200 years. In Ukraine, the courses like MBBS and MD can be easily done on an affordable budget and graduates from Ukrainian universities can make their career in any country across the world.

The students will be engaged for a 6-year medical course followed by a 12 months internship. The top MCI listed colleges in Ukraine have a legacy that is century old and recognised across the globe. 

If you are looking forward to completing your MBBS course from the institutes which have a great education philosophy and give a quality result every year, Ukraine is a place that can help you to live your dream.

For more details, let’s dive deep into this article.

About Ukraine,

Ukraine is a country that is known for its diverse and eye-soothing landscape. It has a well-preserved culture that can be felt by the people of Ukraine. It is the largest country in Europe and very safe for study and country visits. 


Considering ground transportation, trains are the major mode of transportation in Ukraine. The railway network connects most of the cities and places to the main cities like Kyiv & Lviv. Besides this, Ukraine has a good international train connection with the countries like Poland, Belarus, Russia, Belgium. Also, the bus network makes the transportation system very smooth for commuters.

Diverse cities

The most visited cities of Ukraine are Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa. Kyiv is the capital city and it is also known as the greenest city of Ukraine. These cities are known as architecturally and culturally developed because of the influence of neighbouring European countries.

LanguageUkrainian, Russian, English
Major religionsChristianity, Islam, and Judaism
Area603,548 km²
Population4.41 crores (2020)
CurrencyUkrainian hryvnia
Exchange Rate1 Ukrainian hryvnia = INR 2.63

Benefits of studying MBBS in Top MCI listed medical colleges of Ukraine

  • Ukraine Medical college tuition is very affordable to that of many universities of European countries. The cost of MBBS goes somewhere in the range of 20 Lakh to 35 Lakh.
  • The majority of the people speak the English language, thus there are no language constraints
  • Most of the medical universities of Ukraine are listed in the WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools) and also recognised by the national medical council of India.
  • MBBS graduates from Ukraine can apply for various medical licensing examinations that include the US, UK, Australia and several gulf countries.
  • The Ukrainian education system comes under the Bologna process thus students can study MBBS on European patterns at a very affordable cost.
  • Top Medical colleges of Ukraine offer the best clinical exposure and training to enhance the skill set of the candidates.
  • The majority of the universities in Ukraine follow a unique approach of providing knowledge based on practical and theoretical teachings.
  • The moderate weather condition in Ukraine make the MBBS study in Ukraine most preferable for Indian medical aspirants
  • After completing the MBBS degree from any of the top MCI listed medical colleges, Indian medical aspirants can practise in the top hospital anywhere across the globe.
  • Studying in the medical universities of Ukraine provide great international exposure to foreign students because the institutes encourage the candidates to participate in various student exchange program in association with the various European universities

The above-listed reasons are enough to get a glimpse of the benefits of studying MBBS in Ukraine and will leave you with no reason to not to choose Ukraine among all the other options available for MBBS in Abroad.

Top MCI listed medical colleges in Ukraine

There is no doubt, the top medical colleges in Ukraine are on very good rank globally. If you have chosen Ukraine as your destination for studying MBBS, there is a great possibility that you become eligible for the MCI screening test (NEXT exam) because you will be taught in such a way that you find the screening test easy. Students also choose PLAB (UK), USMLE (USA) and other licensing examinations. The MBBS universities in Ukraine follow a very strict process for appointing the teachers that lead them to deliver a better academic results.

  • Bogomolets National University

BNMU is one of the prestigious medical institutes founded in 1841 and located in Kyiv city. The university is famous for its research and medicine practices. It comes in the list of the top oldest and best medical universities which offer globally recognised medical degrees accredited by WHO, the Medical Council of India and other international organizations in the medical sphere.

The university has more than 180 years of legacy in the education field and received the status of National Medical University in 1946. It has 87 departments, 8 academic buildings with 6 on-campus hostels. The medical colleges accept admission from 64 countries of the world.

Foundation year1841
Type of universityGovernment
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students80+
Country Rank23
Total BudgetINR 20.57 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Kharkiv National Medical University

In the list of oldest medical schools in Ukraine, KNMU comes in the top 10 list. It was founded in 1805 and has more than 216 years of legacy in which it has given numerous skilled medical professionals to the world. The university is recognised by WHO & NMC and received national status in 2007.

The philosophy of the university is to provide a balanced education with a perfect balance of practical & theoretical knowledge. This is why not only Indian students but also students from other countries prefered KNMU for pursuing an MBBS degree. Every year the university gets a footfall of more than 70 students. The college has a team of experienced teachers, professors, researchers and PhD holders who have been providing training to the medical aspirants for many years.

Foundation year1805
Type of universityGovernment
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students70+
Country Rank122
Total BudgetINR 22.20 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM was established in 1992 and with its innovative ways of teaching, it has world-class infrastructures that offer a great learning environment. It is a fully English medium education curriculum that is compatible for all countries’ students, restricting the language barrier in Abroad education.

During its three decades of academic experience, it has developed its unique methodology of providing medical training and creating world-class health care professionals. The college has several international collaborations with other universities and invites great lecturers as guest faculty.

Foundation year1992
Type of university Full Private
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students55+
Country Rank181
Total BudgetINR 16.28 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Lviv National Medical University

It is Recognised as having one of the largest and oldest medical colleges in Ukraine. It has been curating the careers of many students by providing undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degrees for 237 years. The university was established in 1784 and is situated in the Lviv city of Ukraine. The university was earlier known as Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University on the name of Ukraine’s first King. With a great student diversity, the university receives applications from Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

Foundation year1784
Type of universityGovernment
LocationLviv city
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students93+
Country Rank31
Total BudgetINR 22.34 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Ternopil State University

Ternopil State Medical University is a leading institute for higher education in Ukraine. It came into existence in 1957 and is located in Ternopil city of Ukraine. TSMU has more than 50 education departments that provide a wide range of courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level degrees in the medical sphere.

Inside the campus, the university has a library with a huge collection of medical books and study material which help the student to develop their concepts about the subjects. The college receives hundreds of students from around 55 different countries and receives a globally recognised MBBS degree.

Foundation year1957
Type of universityGovernment
LocationTernopil city
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students65+
Country Rank15
Total BudgetINR 20.08 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Uzhhorod National University

It was established in 1945 in the urban surrounding of Uzhhorod city. The infrastructure of this university is perfectly designed by keeping in the centre the needs of medical students. The university has received the 4th level of accreditation from the education and science ministry and is known for its quality education.

At present, it has global recognition by organizations like WHO, NMC and medical councils of other countries. Its campus has separate hostels for Indian students, biological base, museum, social-psychological and dental departments.

Foundation year1945
Type of universityGovernment
LocationUzhhorod city
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students75+
Country Rank16
Total BudgetINR 17.50
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Vinnytsa National Medical University

It was founded in 1921 but acquired a national status in 2002. Also, it has received the 4th level of accreditation from the ministry of science and education. The college has licensed laboratories, centres for scientific research, Genetics, clinical diagnostic laboratories for allergy and many more.

The college has a great network of affiliated hospitals for providing real-time clinical exposure to the students.

Foundation year1921
Type of universityGovernment
LocationVinnytsa city
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students80+
Country Rank64
Total BudgetINR 22.53 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes

MBBS Student life in the top MCI listed medical colleges in Ukraine

Students live a dual life while MBBS study in Ukraine that can be defined as living and learning outside the classroom and it is the biggest part of your College Life. It includes the nature of the society in which you live, how you make connections. 

Ukraine has its own ambience in which your professors and other peers show a friendly attitude. It’s not the university but the entire community that helps you to become a better doctor and importantly to become a good human being.

Student life in Europe is not different from the other European countries. Here, Students study, meet new people and learn new things while studying there. Most of the students preferred to live by renting an apartment. On the other hand, some students prefer to live in a hostel that costs around $100 to $150 a month. University campus has all the facilities for staying comfortably like your home country. You will get hospitals, Gyms, conference halls, laboratories, training facilities, full safety and security on the campus, that help a candidate grow with the overall personality.

In the initial days, students start learning the Ukrainian language after coming here by purchasing things from the market, communicating with the local people while roaming on the streets or travelling via public transport. 

Final Takeaway

With all the things which have been discussed in this article will help you to get a clear idea about all the top MCI listed medical colleges in Ukraine. You will get to know about the culture, their budget and history etc.

Having all these advantages, one can consider Ukraine as the most suitable destination among the MBBS aspirants. If you still have any queries feel free to connect with our counsellors who have wide interest and experience in MBBS Abroad admission.

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