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I agree that knowing your what-to-do list during preparation for any competitive exam is crucially important but a what-not-to-do list is also important to remain more productive while studying. Here in this post, we are going to discuss 5 important points that students generally avoid while studying and scoreless in the final result.

5 things that you should avoid while preparing for NEET UG Exam


Not only for any competitive exam but consistency is a key to achieve any goal in your life. Consistency is not about sitting in front of books all day, it is about making a habit of it that you can follow a particular routine every day. Doesn’t matter if you study less or more, just study every day. Try to do it sitting at the same place at the same hours.

Follow 4-D Principle





While preparing for the NEET UG Exam you will study various laws of physics, chemistry but keep remembering to follow a 4D principle technique to develop and use the full potential of your brain. Your destination (NEET UG 2021) requires hard devotion, dedication and desperation toward it. Missing any out of these four things will take you far from your dream of becoming a Doctor.

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Awareness about your NEET preparation process

When you are in between your preparation, switch off all unnecessary things that distract you from your goal until your exam. Because your monkey mind tries to distract you with all the unnecessary gossip, social media and mobile games etc. You need to train your mind to ignore them and engage in your preparation process consciously.

Note: Using mobile and platforms like youtube for study purposes is ok but if you are using it for entertainment that too for a long time, it will cost you more in future.

Don’t make distance from your hobbies

Your hobbies keep you alive and help you to re-energise yourself. If you like reading, dancing, or playing any sport just take some time to pursue it. Because continuous long term study makes you tired, at the time you intentionally need to distract your mind and try to engage yourself in other activities.

Pursuing your hobbies with study makes you feel positive and keeps your mind fresh. Thus always take out some time in your daily schedule.

Note: Here again I want to mention that surfing the internet and consuming content on social media at a limit is ok but making it a habit will distract you from your goal.

Ignoring NCERT syllabus

In the age of the internet where multiple platforms are available for competitive exam preparation, NEET aspirants ignore the NCERT syllabus and this is one of the biggest mistakes for a NEET aspirant. Even if you feel that you have studied enough, still you need to explore more to strengthen your studies. 

NCERT books are the base to develop the core of any subject and avoiding these books may lead you to have weak concepts in a particular topic or subject.

Hope these tips will help you to boost your NEET preparation and you could score better marks in the exam. Knowing what to do or what not to do both are important parameters that become a major differentiator in your final result.

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