The rising trend for MBBS study Abroad is on the surge and the medical industry too remains untouched by it. Below is the year’s wise data released by the Ministry of External Affairs, India.

YearsNumber of students

There was a huge dip in the figures during Covid 19 but now the number of students willing to study abroad is increasing again.

If we talk about only medical aspirants, there were 7000 medical students who went abroad to pursue MBBS in 2018 (Source:, and this figure has increased by 15% every year except 2019 and 2020 due to covid.

In another data released by the Hindu Report, the MCI received more than 18000 applications of medical aspirants who were willing to study MBBS abroad. 

The data shows that indeed there are many advantages of studying MBBS from abroad but the Indian students need to keep that in mind before finalizing the institute in any country because there are many pitfalls that can put your medical career or your dream of becoming a doctor at risk.

  1. Medium of instruction: Aspirants should always consider those universities offering English as the language of instructions or fully English medium curriculum. because most of the countries don’t speak English and offer a bilingual medium of instruction which becomes a problem for medical students because a lack of understanding in medical fields creates gaps.
  1. Education quality: If the quality of education is not up to the mark, there will be waste of time and money. Hence students must research the quality of education.

 A thumb rule of analyzing education quality doesn’t depend on the number of students from foreign countries but it depends on how many native students are enrolled in the university.

Because there are several universities that admit international students only to make money. Thus students are suggested to not rely only on any agency or agent. Don’t rely on the current students about their respective universities but try to talk to the passed out students who are practicing medicine and doing great after completing graduation from the university.

  1. Beware of fraud agencies: 

Nowadays MBBS abroad becomes a business of making money for some agents who are not men of their word who cheat students and play with their dreams or goals. But yes, there are many agencies like “CollegeClue international” that are specialists in their own field and believe to provide genuine solutions to the students.

Aspirants are advised to do their own research rather than blindly believing in fraud agencies who present fake data to manipulate your mind and make you fool.

  1. Find your interest

Students are advised to find out their passion before applying to any MBBS university. Not all institutes are bad, sometimes your passion or interest doesn’t match with the medical industry’s demand.

Suppose you are a student who loves theory not practical, so you can achieve theoretical marks but not in practice. And the medical field is more practical, if you don’t perform practical while studying, you will find difficulty while treating your patient.

Sometimes these kinds of students blame the respective university from where they have done their graduation.

  1. Budget Estimation: Generally students choose MBBS abroad due to high tuition and capitation fee in India. So proper estimation or calculation is required before applying to any medical university Abroad.

There is some university which offers low tuition-fee but the living cost and other activities become more expensive for the Indian students. So always try to estimate and take full estimation that falls under your budget.

  1. Medical checkup

Students must consider a full body check-up before finalizing any country. Because changes in weather may impact your health and if you already have any issue, you should consider the treatment first and should take the necessary vaccination. Also, there are some universities that ask for medical certification, hence it is important from all points of view.

  1. Select Safest country 

Safety and security always remain the top priority. Check the country’s rules and regulations, past history, their perception of Indian people or international students. Because there are some countries where people face discrimination based on color, religion, and nationality.

  1. MCI screening after graduation

Students should consider those universities having high MCI passing percentages. They must be accredited by MCI, WHO, and other organizations. If students want to practice in India after completing the degree, it is a must to clear the MCI screening test, FMGE, or NEXT. They will have to validate their degree to work as a legal doctor in the country.

According to the report of the press trust of India, only 12 to 15% of foreign medical graduates manage to clear the FMGE test. So it is required to opt for universities that prepare the students for MCI screening.


Not all universities are bad or not all universities are good for medical aspirants who wish to study MBBS Abroad. What matters the most, if the students want to work hard in the right direction, if they want to spend their time, money on the right things, they need to undergo in-depth and regressive research before finalizing any university. Because there are genuine universities in every country which have a proven education history and provide quality education.

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