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MBBS Abroad is in trend among the Indian medical aspirants because of the tough competition and high tuition fees in the private medical colleges of India. Study MBBS abroad is the smartest choice for getting a medical degree because it has the same recognition and accreditation as what you get in India. This is the key reason that students go for the MBBS abroad option, but while choosing the medical university in your favourite country you need to keep some point in your mind that will make your entire MBBS journey very smooth and easy.

It is important to know how to select your university for MBBS study abroad because students may get cheated by some agents who only want to make money against the admission of the students. The process for choosing the right colleges is really very confusing if you have no knowledge about it.

So, Instead of choosing the wrong medical university for your MBBS degree, take these points into consideration which we are going to discuss in this post. Take these points into consideration to book your university for higher medical education. Because, it’s not about pursuing an MBBS degree, it’s about spending 5o to 6 years in a new country without your guardian or parents, it’s about adopting a new culture and lifestyle that will reflect in your personality after completing the course, it is about getting the right and valuable education to become a successful Doctor with Globally recognised degree. 

9 factors that will help you to select your university for MBBS abroad

Establishment year of the university

Age is one of the key deciding factors while selecting the college for MBBS abroad. If a university has more than 50 years of education history, it is considered as a trusted institute that has delivered multiple batches of medical graduates. 

There are several new colleges that market themselves in a way that they are best in their field. It doesn’t mean all new universities are bad or have low standards of education because there are various universities that are doing well in their initial stage. So the key point is — The older the university, the better the education quality.

Budget and living costs

This is a common factor while selecting your university for MBBS Abroad. You will come across the universities which are offering MBBS courses in INR 12 Lakh to INR 15 lakh or 25 lakh to 40 lakh also. You will find out the countries which have Similar living costs to that of India and Lower or higher than that of India. So you need to make all your estimation while selecting a medical college

World and country ranking

The ranking is another parameter that reflects the results and education quality of a medical institute. When you are listing down your favourite universities, you can make a list of colleges based on their world and country ranking. 

The university ranking for MBBS abroad can be checked on uniRank™, QS World University Rankings and the list provided by WHO (World Health Organization).

The rank of any medical university is decided on various factors like education quality, yearly academic results, infrastructure and reputation on an international platform. If a university has a good rank, it can be considered to be good on the mentioned factors in this section. 


Similar to ranking, recognition is also an important factor to select your university for MBBS Abroad. It is the criteria that show how valuable the institute is. It gives a sense of trust to the students. Talking about the recognition factor for Indian medical students seeking study MBBS Abroad opportunities, the university must be recognised by at least 2 organizations.

NMC (National Medical Council) – If a medical college is recognised by NMC, it can be assumed that it is compatible under the guidelines of the Indian medical council of India.

WHO (World Health Organization) – If a medical college is recognised by WHO, it can be assumed that it follows all the international standards of medical education.

Education quality

If you are going abroad for better medical education, you must check out the number of batches that passed out from the university and how many of them have cleared the FMGE exam. While checking the education quality, these points must be considered by the students.

If a university has a decent number of batches and has a good FMGE passing ratio, the education quality of that university can be considered good and up to the mark. It can be possible when an institute provides a balanced education of theoretical and practical knowledge. You can ask these facts during your counselling sessions.

Medium of instruction 

The medium of instruction must be in English only. This factor is important because there are some universities that provide bilingual course curriculum i.e half of the course in English and another half of the course in their local language. Also, language becomes a communication barrier if the teaching staff doesn’t know English or speak in their local language only.

To cope with this problem, it is suggested to choose a medical university that runs a fully English medium course curriculum and has English as the main language of instruction. This will genuinely make you understand all the medical concepts more easily and effectively.

Course duration

In Indian private or government colleges there is a 5 years MBBS course followed by a 12-month supervised internship. But while choosing the medical colleges in foreign countries, you must check the course duration in which you are planning to enroll. There are various countries that have a 6 years MBBS course, which is also good but when you have the option to complete that same course within 5 years, it would be the best deal for you. 

There is nothing bad in selecting the 6-year MBBS course because the dominating countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia offer only 6 years of medical courses. So it will depend upon the location you are choosing. Both the courses have equal value and recognition but you can save your 1 year if you select your university offering a 5-year MBBS course.

Indian Mess and Accommodation

Eating and Staying are the two important factors that you can not ignore. We have seen many students that come back to India because of these reasons, majority food. If you want to study well, you will be required to live in a peaceful, clean and hygienic environment and you should eat healthy food that fits your taste.

There are many countries where Indian food can be found but it is very rare. It is not possible for any to stay away from his taste for a long duration, therefore it is very essential to find a college that is located at the place where you can find Indian food and where you can stay with your community.

We agree it is not possible to get these facilities everywhere therefore CollegeClue makes all the arrangements for you so that you can stay inside the university campus or nearby and you can get Indian food at your place.

Local student and International student ratio

Everyone suggests that you should consider that college which has a high number of Indian students but we suggest you take admission in the college which has a good ratio of both international and local students. Now you will be thinking, why local students? because local students know the colleges better than you. If a college has a decent number of local students that indicates it has a good reputation in terms of education in the country.

Also having local and other countries students, you will get an opportunity to learn different cultures and traditions.

NMC Gazette 2021 Compatible

As per the new NMC Gazette 2021, countries like the Philippines are now out of the list of the countries offering MBBS Abroad degrees, because the course pattern is not compatible with the NMC. So this is the most crucial factor while selecting medical universities in foreign countries. Click here to know more about New NMC Gazette 2021.

Because everything is fine, but if your college or degree is not compatible with NMC guidelines, all your money, time and efforts will be wasted.

Final Takeaway

We all know MBBS in India is very difficult but it doesn’t mean MBBS Abroad is like a cakewalk. You need to select your university for MBBS abroad cautiously by checking all the facts and data about the colleges and the country. 

Doing this homework before choosing a university can make your entire journey very simple and well planned. If you find any difficulty in choosing the best medical colleges for Study MBBS abroad, take help from our experienced counsellors. 
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