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Medicine is one of the noble and most respected professions. Being a doctor is a responsibility to serve humanity by losing yourself. But to reach that point where you can see yourself as a successful doctor requires a lot of struggle.  Every year a lot of students complete their medical graduation either from their country or from Abroad but confusion always remains in their minds. What to do after MBBS? or What are the career options after MBBS?

During the MBBS course, students don’t get enough time to think about their future after completing the MBBS degree but this is the time when people need to think and plan about their MBBS career.

What are the Career Options after MBBS?

Most of the Medical graduates are not aware of the career options and scope after completing an MBBS degree. But there are a plethora of opportunities for medical graduates which they can pursue. Here in this post, we are going to discuss the career options after MBBS and Top careers after MBBS. So that a medical aspirant who is pursuing MBBS can get a clear picture about the future and he/she can plan their career accordingly.

Before going ahead, let’s discuss why medical graduates are required to look after career options after MBBS? Is MBBS not enough to make a career in the medical field?

  • We all know that medicine is a vast field having different specialties. Some decades ago, only an MBBS degree was enough to treat people but in the present scenario, humanity has seen new diseases and the development of technology in the medical field so students are required to be smarter and knowledgeable to tackle the new disease pattern.
  • People nowadays are more educated and they want the best treatment from a specialist.
  • PG doctors can make their career as teaching faculty in any medical college and get paid decently.

 Now, let’s get started

Top Career options after MBBS

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General Physician

This field comes into consideration for those students who want to stay away from the emergency department and its hustle. It is a career where you will become a general physician in any hospital to practice your medical expertise and to serve patients using your medical knowledge

Legal Medical Adviser

They deal with special court cases where expert medical advice is required on some specific aspects. It is a combination of medicine and law which helps to find out the cause of death of a person or the method of committing the crime. This is a very lucrative career with lots of responsibilities because an expert medical adviser helps to resolve crucial cases with their knowledge. 

Professor in Medical Institutes

Being a teacher also comes under the category of Nobel professions and a flavor of medicine adds extra value to this profession. This profile is for those medical graduates who are keen to learn more about medical aspects and they wanted to teach others about their profession.

Initially, you can join as a junior level and after gaining some experience, you can become a senior medical lecturer and establish yourself as a reputed professional who remains in demand and their pay band is very high.

Researcher in a Reputed agency

There are a lot of government or private medical agencies and hospitals where they have their own research centers. These agencies research on medicine, ongoing disease, any active virus and thoroughly research to find the medical advancements to contribute in the healthcare industry. Here the learnings during the MBBS study comes into play where you can grow your career with less clinical exposure


These are the people who are behind the inventions that happened on our planet. It is one of the most exciting careers in the medical sphere where a medical graduate can explore a new level of knowledge. Candidates can join any government agencies or research institute where he/she will be thrilled to find themselves and contribute to world growth through revolutionary invention.

Medical Data Analyst

If someone likes to play with numbers then it would be a great career to pursue. In this profession, you will deal with executing your medical knowledge with the combination of analytic expertise and you will establish yourself as a Healthcare analyst.

Medical Writer

The medical industry is a growing industry and in this information era, every medical institute and hospital requires articles to publish, which should be written by experts. After completing MBBS, students can also join these institutes of agencies and help to express their vision, mission, research to the world. You will be surprised to know that this industry is growing at a very fast pace and the demand for medical writers is also increasing.

Best courses after MBBS

Many medical aspirants who have completed their degree do not have an idea about what to do after MBBS. And there are a plethora of opportunities that a medical aspirant can pursue after MBBS but due to lack of knowledge or awareness, they always remain uncertain during their MBBS study period. For those students, we have brought up this post to get a clear picture of the top careers after MBBS.

MBA after MBBS

It would be quite weird for some people but yes an MBBS graduate can study MBA and can lead a successful career. Studying MBA after MBBS opens a lot of opportunities in your medical career. There are specializations like Health care management, hospital management, Hospital Administration courses, and many more. These careers are not directly related to clinical practice.


Many students choose to continue studying over start practicing medicine because they want to explore more in this industry. Those candidates can choose to indulge in a higher level of qualification. An MD course (Doctor of Medicine) indicates that you have a higher level of specialization among other medical students. Now you can choose either to take admission in the traditional specialization or upcoming areas in the medical field.

MMST (Masters in Medical Science & Technology)

This new era combines both science and technology together and with the advancement of science and medicine in our daily life, there is more knowledge around us. Students can keep themselves engaged with novels and the most popular upcoming course after completing an MBBS degree is “Masters in Medical Science & Technology”.

Though this course is available in limited universities, it can take your medical career to the next level. This course includes subjects like Medical Biotechnology, Healthcare Imaging, Bioinformatics, etc.

Master’s in Occupational Health

This is one of the emerging courses which is preferred by MBBS graduates. This course involves the study of advanced ways or methods in which workplace standards are evaluated and monitored. Students can study it as a full-time post-graduation or for a diploma certificate. In this program, an MBBS graduate acquires knowledge about tackling health-related ailments to prevent any kind of disaster at the workplace.

PG in Biomedical Engineering & Biological Science (M.Tech)

The other popular course which can be pursued by an MBBS graduate is M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering & Biological Science. The duration of this course is 1 to 2 years long depending on the institute that one plans to join. This is a domain in which students will be engaged in learning technical aspects of the medical field. 

DNB (Diplomate of National Board)

It is a Post-graduation course similar to MD/MS. It is a degree awarded to the specialized medical practitioner after completing 3 years of course. This course is recognized by NMC (National Medical Commission) and imparts the knowledge of dealing in an emergency situation. This course has eligibility criteria that a candidate must have 50% marks in the MBBS degree and must qualify for the CET-NBE Exam.

Masters in Public Health (MPH)

MPH is a two-year intensive program aiming at the enhancement of the skills and abilities of the students in research and management, developing problem-solving skills, and critical thinking abilities in the field of public health.

This is a popular specialization in which 1000s of medical graduates take admission. It is one of the top pursued courses after MBBS provided by the top medical institution of the world. 

Combined Medical Services (CMS)

There are a lot of courses that can be pursued after MBBS but combined Medical services have their own place in the medical field. This exam is conducted by UPSC to recruit candidates for the position of General Duty Medical Officer, Assistant Divisional Medical Officer, and many more. This is the perfect course that is suitable for those students who do not want to study another academic course after MBBS but want to kickstart their medical career in prestigious government organizations.

Courses fee in India Vs Abroad

The fee or cost of any course whether in India or Abroad matters a lot. This is one of the major factors that should be kept in mind while choosing a course. We are going to discuss 3 major courses with the fee and average salary offered.

MBA free after MBBS in India vs Abroad

The Fee may depend on the policy of the different colleges or universities. Here is roughly the idea about the fee for MBA after MBBS.

MBA after MBBS in IndiaRS 7.5 lakh to 25 lakh
MBA after MBBS in AbroadRs 20 lakh to 45 lakh

Fresher salary of Medical aspirants after MBA in India

There will be a huge difference between the MBBS fresher salary and the one who has completed MBA after MBBS. Here are some best business schools in India with their average annual packages.

Top 5 InstitutesAverage salary per annum
IIM AhmedabadINR 30 lakh
IIM BangaloreINR 24 lakh
IIM CalcuttaINR 25 lakh
XLRI JamshedpurINR 23 lakh
JBIMS MumbaiINR 20 lakh

MS Course After MBBS

It is abbreviated as Master of science. It is a PG-level course of duration between 1.5 years to 3 years. It includes two domains Management and Engineering and requires a minimum of 50% to 60% aggregate scores at the undergraduate level.

The average cost of the MS program goes from Rs 1 lakh to 4 Lakh from the colleges like IIT Madras, NIT Trichy, IIIT Hyderabad, IIT Delhi, etc. After completing the MS course after MBBS, a candidate can avail average salary of 8 lakh to 10 lakh at a fresher level.

If a candidate wants to pursue MS from abroad after MBBS, it will cost them around Rs 30 lakh to 50 lakh and indeed the average salary will lead you to live a lavish lifestyle.

MD Course After MBBS

It is abbreviated as Doctor of Medicine, which is a 2 years post-graduation course in the field of general medicine. There are around 620 colleges that offer MD courses after MBBS including both government and private colleges in India. The average cost of an MD course in India ranges between 10 lakh to 15 lakh in AIIMS Delhi, Maulana Azad Medical College, Christian Medical College, etc. The average salary which can be availed by students is 15 lakh to 20 lakh in the reputed organizations like Fortis healthcare, Apollo hospitals, Maulana Azad Medical College. 

Fellowship Program After MBBS

It is crucial for an MBBS graduate to gain some experience under senior medical professionals and industry experts. This is why many medical graduates choose to undergo fellowship after MBBS instead of choosing to study ahead. Here are some courses in different streams in which students can take admission and enhance their medical knowledge.

  • Fellowship in Pediatrics
  • Fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine
  • Fellowship in Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • Fellowship in Family Medicine
  • Fellowship in Emergency Medicine
  • Fellowship in Diabetes Mellitus
  • Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine
  • Fellowship in 2D Echocardiography
Final Take Away on Career options after MBBS

The NEED for good health care professionals has always been in high demand and this is not that time when only an MBBS degree was sufficient to pursue a successful medical career. Candidates are required to study specialization courses or have to put some extra effort to achieve excellence in their work or to achieve a better lifestyle. 

The rapid growth of technology in the medical field has resulted in the rise of new specialization, candidates can choose any specialization as per their interest and can excel in their field. 

There is no scarcity of jobs after MBBS but having excellence in the work will always be the top priority. Being one of the best overseas education specialists, CollegeClue helps you to achieve that excellence.

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