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MBBS Abroad is a demanding career for medical aspirants but this is a process in which you will need a mediator who can guide you or assist you to find the best place to pursue your dream career. That mediator is known as an MBBS abroad Agent or MBBS abroad Consultant but it is crucially important to understand the thin difference between the both.

Here in this post, we will discuss the working methods of an agent or a consultant so that you will find the best one for you.

Who are Agents?

  • An agent is responsible for guiding a candidate and for simplifying the application & admission process in foreign universities.
  • An agent helps the students in deciding the university and the country for their higher medical studies.
  • Generally, an agent does not charge the students because they get paid by the university to which students are taking admission.
  • An agent can work with multiple universities or medical colleges
  • An agent may help the students in filling out the application form, arranging the documents and visa process after receiving the admission letter.

Who are consultants?

  • The work areas of a consultant are slightly broader than an MBBS abroad agent. An MBBS abroad consultant provides his/her services that include advising and guiding the students who wish to pursue an MBBS course from abroad.
  • The purpose of a consultant is similar to an agent i.e to simplify the application process in any medical university abroad.
  • Consultants do not get paid by the university and they charge the students for providing their services.
  • Consultants analyse the weaknesses and the strengths of the candidates, understand all the requirements then provide unbiased suggestions.
  • Consultants guide the students while filling out the application form, help the students in getting education loans, Obtaining visas and many more.

MBBS abroad agent Vs MBBS abroad consultant

Simplifying the application process for MBBS abroad aspirants is the key role of both agent and consultant. Though there are slight differences in their roles that are mentioned below:

Provide college and country detailsAnalyse weak and strong areas before any advice
Represent specific colleges, hence may provide a biassed review about that college.Don’t represent any specific college, the ultimate goal is to help the students to find out the best college under his/her budget.
Don’t charge the candidate, get paid by the college which they are representing.Take service charges from the candidate
Agent may focus only on your admissionConsultant focuses on providing the best career advice to the candidate.
May be involved in documentation, visa processing etc.Provide counselling, help in the application, obtaining admission letter and visa also.
May not be in touch after the admissionConsultant guide you even after getting admission to your desired university
Key objective of an agent is to fill the seats in the college that he is representingKey objective of a consultant is to satisfy the candidate by providing the possible solution

What is CollegeClue? And how is it different from others?

CollegeClue works for the medical aspirant with a VISION to make medical education easy for the students, it is a team that consists of experienced doctors who have done their MBBS from abroad, and professional counsellors to understand the candidates at mental as well as emotional levels.

CollegeClue doesn’t work with a goal, it works with a purpose that every medical aspirant who desires to get the MBBS degree from abroad should get his right in the simplest and most affordable ways.

CollegeClue’s services are only restricted to the guidance and application process of the candidates, we come with candidates as a mentor for his/her MBBS journey and stay with the candidate throughout the journey.

CollegeClue’s motive is to provide the best assistance to the candidates and help them to become skilled doctors who can work across the globe.

We are not an agent, not a consultant but MBBS abroad specialists who shake hands with the candidates to be with them from the beginning of their course till the degree completion.

We take care of everything for the candidates from their studies, food, accommodation, NEXT/FMGE preparation and many more.

Hope you have got a clear picture of the working style of an MBBS abroad agent or an MBBS abroad consultant and how CollegeClue is different from them.

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