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Studying MBBS abroad is very exciting for any medical aspirant. It genuinely provides great international exposure to the students at a very affordable budget. If you get a scholarship under any program run by the medical college, it will be like icing on the cake for meritorious students who are pursuing an MBBS course abroad.

However, there are some hidden imperfections in everything which you deal with in your life, similarly, MBBS abroad has some drawbacks but if you prepare yourself for the worse you can easily deal with the situation. 

In this post, I will try to analyze some of the challenges faced by Indian students while pursuing the MBBS course and the solution to cope with the problem.

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Language Barrier

Language creates a barrier when asking questions to the teachers in the classroom and communicating with the local people. Therefore we at CollegeClue suggest that all-out candidates prefer the university where the English language is the primary medium of instruction.

If you choose where the majority of the people speak the English language and even understand the English language. The barrier reaches its peak when students take admission in countries that are non-English speaking.

To provide a solution to this problem, we make all the arrangements by which students can improve their fluency in English and they can also learn the local language of that particular country. 

As MBBS is a long-term course but only after 1st-year, do students become able to communicate with the local people even in their local language.

Also, we help our students to choose a university where only English is used in lectures, practicals, and in all activities, thus it becomes comfortable for all students belonging to any nationality to communicate easily.

Cultural difference

Every country has its own culture and encompasses a wide variety of things like food, clothes, living style, and many more. India has its own uniqueness in its culture and we Indians are used to it. When students from India go to a different country for such a long term course, they face cultural issues and it is common for all of us.

Some students prefer to eat vegetarian food only but in some foreign countries, it is difficult to find vegetarian food. Some students get familiar with them easily but I have seen several students who fall sick due to not getting proper meals.

In order to provide a solution to this problem, we arrange an Indian food facility for the students who take admission through CollegeClue. We employed Indian cooks at our partner universities who are responsible to provide the best Indian style food for the students.

Differences in Currency

Currency difference is also an obstacle for Indian students because they need to pay an extra amount for the sake of currency conversion. It is a challenge that can be ignored because it will directly impact your budget or monthly expenses. To manage these expenses some students start their part-time job and they become busier because the MBBS course itself is very hectic. It makes them out of the crowd because they remain busy all the time.

To solve this problem, we provide a complete budget detail including currency fluctuation, so that they can plan their budget accordingly and can make their MBBS journey smooth.

Distance from Family

MBBS is a course in which you will be engaged for 5.5 to 6 years and 12 months of internship. This is a long time in which you remain far from your family, friends, and loved ones.

During this period, you will feel homesick and miss your Indian friend circle. But this is not a problem, because it’s very natural for every student.

CollegeClue tries to solve this problem, we are not saying that you will stay with your parents or friends from India or you won’t miss your family but we will try to give you the same environment in which you live in your home country. We will provide you with the Indian accommodation facility (hostel) where you will be living with your countrymates and will get all the facilities similar to your India. You will create your new friend circles, and you know, friends in your college life are no less than family because they laugh with you and they support you in your bad phases.

Patient Load

India is a country with a large population. A more population means more possibilities for patients and disease patterns. Now the concern is, Indian students while studying MBBS abroad practice in hospitals with very less patience in comparison to that in India. So when they come back to India and start practicing in Indian hospitals, they face a huge patient load.

Due to the high patient load, their schedule becomes hectic in the Initial days then they get used to it. 

FMGE preparation

In India, there is a compulsory exam for foreign medical graduates known as MCI screening test/FMGE or NEXT (from 2023). Students are not aware of the syllabus and exam pattern till the last semester but when they appear at the exam, they get puzzled and scoreless in the exam.

To solve this problem, we provide FMGE/NEXT preparation assistance from the beginning of the MBBS course. Also, candidates who take admission through Collegeclue get the opportunity to be taught by Indian faculty who are well aware of the NMC syllabus. 

Final Takeaway 

These are the hidden problems behind studying MBBS abroad but it doesn’t mean there is something bad in studying abroad. Some of these problems are also faced by the students even if they go out of the city in India as well.

No one will talk about these hidden problems behind studying MBBS abroad. Generally, other agents only showcase the benefits in front of the students and their parents but they also have the right to know all the details about the career in which they are going to enroll themselves.
All information is necessary to analyze the exact expense and return on investment in the MBBS Abroad career.

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