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India is a country where the average income of people is increasing. People earn money by doing their job or business to fulfil the needs of their families and their children’s education. 

The demand for high-quality education has been also increasing in India, students and their parents are looking for better studies in foreign countries, especially in the medical (MBBS) field. The reason behind it is high competition in Indian medical institutions, hence more youngsters are looking to study MBBS abroad.

There is no harm in going out of India for MBBS education but there are people who are taking benefits in terms of money by cheating students who have a lack of exposure to abroad education. Getting scammed while taking admission to any medical university abroad students has become one of the biggest fears of medical aspirants because such medical aspirants are unfamiliar with the process and even daunted by what foreign universities expect to the applicants.

You can detect 5 signs of any fraud agent who is taking charge of your MBBS admission abroad.

News and stories about agent fraud

I got some recent news articles related to fraud in studying abroad by fake agents. Though all were not from MBBS abroad, yes this is how innocent people become victims of fake agents.

March 2022

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April 2022

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April 2022

Visa fraud or immigration not only costs you in terms of money but in terms of your career also. Because if you take admission to any university through any fake agent, it will remain in your immigration record and that may affect the possibility of getting a visa in near future.

If you are applying to study MBBS abroad with the help of any counsellor or agency, make sure he/she is genuine and reliable.  Because no agency will tell you that he/she is a fraud, you will have to detect with your own senses and observation. Here are some parameters based on which you can detect a fraud agent while taking admission in an MBBS course abroad.

  1. He doesn’t listen to you

A counsellor has a lot to say but a good agent/counsellor has the ability to listen to their clients properly before providing any advice. If he/she isn’t able to understand you and your needs, what are your career goals and what motivates you to become a doctor and what are your financial planning for your study abroad career?

If he is not listening and inserting his own agenda, then it will be the first sign that you can detect fraud or a non-professional agent for your MBBS abroad admission.

  1. He keeps details hidden

If your MBBS abroad agent is hiding something from you, it may affect your career. The question is how you will detect that something is going wrong in your counselling.

  1. If your agent is focusing on inane details that are not important on the primary level of your medical journey
  2. If it makes you more dependent on him and saying, you just pay and leave everything to him.

It is really good if any agent is taking full responsibility for your admission but keeping transparency is also necessary for you, it is your right to have all the details especially when the money is concerned.

A genuine education advisor will keep you updated with everything throughout the admission process.

  1. Over-commitment to deliver things legally

Anything which required legal work and specification time including a students visa, authorization to work in another country, and documentation work. If your agent is committing to deliver any of the above-mentioned facilities, kindly ensure it with proper verification. Because if he is providing any fake document to you which is going against any law, it may create a huge problem in future and may damage your entire career.

Like a Visa application, you can apply for a visa on your own without the help of any agency. Just visit the official website concerning the embassy. And remember getting a visa doesn’t ensure your entry or stay in any country. If you land at the airport of any foreign country and are found suspected by immigration officials then you will be deported back to your country and no MBBS abroad agency can make them convinced.

  1. Focus on Inane things

If you are going to study MBBS abroad, your course and its quality will always be your priority. If your agent is roaming around transportation facilities, tourism places and any other topic then it may be possible that he is hiding something from you.

A genuine counsellor will tell you about the university, its affiliated hospitals, teachers, and the study environment in the college. Yes, the other things are also important for you to know but on a secondary level.

First, you will have to ensure the quality of education and validity of your degree across the world.

Suggesting another college’s name other than your choice

Suggestions are good if he comes up with any valid reason and major benefits but if he is just forcing you to be admitted to any random college just because he does not have information about the colleges then it is another big red flag. It means he doesn’t care about your goals and enforcing his agenda.

Some agencies do this activity because they are being offered a huge amount from colleges as well. That means, he is taking their processing fee from you and also getting commission from colleges also.

Final Takeaway

A good agent will always listen to you, he will be interested to know your goals and purpose behind continuing your higher studies from abroad. He will provide all the details about your course and desired country according to your requirement and give you the best suggestion, tips based on his experience

The best way to connect with any agent is to do your own research first. Your research will help you to get a clear picture of your desired goal. It will make you capable of analysing what your agent is describing to you or what the real facts are.
Last but not the least, there is a thin line between a study abroad agent and a consultant. A consultant will guide you properly with an aim to help you in shaping your career. Hope this information will help you to find a genuine and reliable education advisor.

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