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Ever since the buzz about Russia and Ukraine that also includes interference from the US, a sense of worry has come into the picture for Indian medical students who are studying MBBS courses in various colleges of Ukraine.

Recently we have heard in the news that Russia has sent its military forces to the Russia-Ukraine border. It deployed around 1,30,000 troops at the Ukraine border with the intention of invasion.

Being a leading member of NATO, the US warned Russia that strict actions will be taken against Russia if any military action is carried out by the military in Ukraine. Besides that, big powers like Germany and France are trying to cool down the temperature by convincing Russian President Vladimir Putin who has been in the president position for the last 22 years.

The reason behind the war situation between Russia and Ukraine

At the heart of this current crisis is NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). It is a group of 30 countries including the US, UK, Germany and France. It is a political and military organization aiming to provide the security of its members through political and military means in the situation of attack by any other country.

The problem with Russia is that Ukraine wants to join NATO and NATO too is open to making it a member. If Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, Russia will lose its influence over Russia. Though Ukraine is also divided into two mindsets of people, Some have a patriotic feeling for Ukraine who wants Ukraine to be a separate nation but some people believe that they will become more developed if they join Russia again.

The current scenario for Indian students

Nearly 20,000 Indian students are currently studying in Ukraine from the regions like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala and Punjab. Students are in confusion about whether to leave or stay in Ukraine during this uncertain situation because the Indian Embassy in Russia has also issued its advisory to leave the country for safety concerns.

Some MBBS students in Ukraine do not want to come back because they do not want to skip their licensing exam. They are saying that they are comfortable inside the country, nothing to worry about at the places where they are living. The chaos is on the border, not inside the country.


Suggestion for MBBS abroad aspirants who are willing to go to Ukraine

Being a leading portal for MBBS abroad admission, we are in regular touch with old students who have taken admission earlier. We are trying to bring back them or provide suitable facilities for our students there.

We suggest making some changes in your MBBS Abroad planning if you are choosing Ukraine. The situation is not in our hands, if it gets worse it may be problematic for all of us. MBBS aspirants can consider MBBS in Kazakhstan, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, MBBS in Uzbekistan and MBBS in Georgia. Except for Georgia, all these countries are very near to India and very safe for Indian citizens.

You can get the same even better facilities of education than Ukraine in the top medical colleges of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. So don’t waste your year and don’t give up on your dream, it’s time to improvise your decision.

For any help in changing the country option for your MBBS study, CollegeClue is always there. Feel free to connect with us @ +91 93103 82181

Some Important details shared by the Indian embassy in Ukraine, Please share this emergency contact number with your known ones who are living in Ukraine.

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