russian-ukraine war_First flight carrying Indian students took off from Ukraine

This is not just a statement but a hidden promise of the Indian government to its citizens.

Whether it was the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, When the Indian government evacuated around 1 lakh 70 thousand Indians with the help of Air India, Evacuation from Wuhan china after the wake of Covid 19 or the recent one from Afghanistan when Taliban militants took over the entire country.

The Indian embassy always puts in its hard efforts to save the lives of Indian citizens. The same we have witnessed now when around 18000 students are studying medical, Engineering or any other courses in Ukraine amidst Russia Ukraine war situation. 

The Indian embassy made all the arrangements to evacuate the Indian students and to bring them back to their homes safely. The first batch of Indian students was shifted toward the Romania border from where they were shifted to the Romanian capital Bucharest, they were set to be sent back home via Air Indian flights. Today, around 470 students have taken off from Bucharest and several other batches are in the queue to come.

This safety issue of Indian students is assumed to figure out when Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Multiple conversations were also held between foreign ministries of both countries.

The students were travelling to the Romanian capital Bucharest, which is around 500km far from the Ukrainian Romanian border and this distance was covered by road and took 7 to 9 hours.

Same arrangements are also being done on the Poland Ukraine border to evacuate the Indian students. The Indian Government & Embassy are putting their hard efforts on war footing level to evacuate all the Indian citizens from Ukraine.

Someone is saying, it is the beginning of world war 3 or Russia will invade the entire Ukraine but the only thing is that only common people will bear the cost of any protest or war at the primary level.

CollegeClue is praying for all the Indians that they could return back to their home country safely who have been stuck in the Russian Ukraine conflicts.

Keep hope and Stay positive!

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