Kazakhstan is an emerging destination among Indian medical aspirants who are looking for better opportunities for their MBBS career. While choosing a worthful medical institute in Kazakhstan, it is very important to know about the benefits provided by every college in terms of education and improvement in skills. If the institute does not have sufficient facilities then it will be a complete waste of time and money. Hence we are providing the list of top medical colleges in Kazakhstan.

About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a beautiful country that shares a land border with Russia, China and Kyrgyzstan. It is one of the largest landlocked countries in the world and the most affordable place to study MBBS Abroad.

Its globally recognised education system, using advanced teaching methods and technology make Kazakhstan a perfect country to study MBBS courses for Indian students.

CapitalNur Sultan (Astana)
Major religionsMuslims, Christians
Area2,724,900 Sq. KM
Population18,711,560 (2020)
CurrencyTenge (KZT)
Exchange Rate1 INR = 5.86 KZT


Kazakhstan is a country with low population density but the transportation system in Kazakhstan is well functional and organized. The entire country is interconnected through all necessary modes of transport like Airplane, Buses, minibuses, rental cars, taxis, trolley-buses and subways. The best ways to explore Kazakhstan are local trains and metros. Hence Indian students who come here to study MBBS courses in Kazakhstan will never feel cut off from urbanization.


The culture of Kazakhstan is mainly influenced by two countries, Russia and China. The people here are respectful toward society and foreigners. Kazakhstan is also known for offering its traditional cuisine of the Dastarkhan to its guests, beautiful handicrafts and embroidery work on saddlecloths.


Although the country has two official languages, Russian and Kazakh. Around 95% of the people in Kazakhstan speak Russian but there are many people from Germany, Turkey, Iran, so English is also an emerging as a common speaking language in Kazakhstan and the present situation is, the majority of the people know English because of increasing diversity in the population. Hence Indian students won’t face any language barrier while studying MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Why has Kazakhstan gained popularity among Indian Medical students?

No doubt Kazakhstan has become a pain relief for the Indian Medical aspirant who neither gets a seat in government colleges through the NEET exam nor they have a budget to get enrolled in private medical institutes which require high capitation fees.

Every year, around 17 lakh medical aspirants appear in the NEET-UG entrance exam and fight for only 80,000 seats.

Let’s assume 8 lakh students qualify for the NEET exam and all seats are allotted to the top ranker who secures 650 and above marks. The cut off for NEET-UG 2020 was 138 for general and 108 for reserved categories but they will not secure any seat in government colleges.

Some of the students who are top rankers get seats in any government medical college of India (approx 40,000 seats are in government colleges and the rest 40,000 are in private medical colleges).

Some of the students who are capable of paying high tuition fees and donations (70 lakh to 1 crore) take admission to private colleges.

Have you ever thought about what the rest of the students do?

Every year appx 1-1.5 lakh chooses MBBS abroad option. Now the scenario is, there are a lot of countries that offer MBBS abroad degrees but the countries like Russia, Georgia, Ukraine offer 6 years of medical courses, on the other hand, the countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan provide 5-year MBBS degrees.
Kazakhstan is very near to India and offers a 5 years MBBS program in which all the subjects taught in the colleges are up to the Indian medical syllabus. Hence Kazakhstan has become the hotspot for Indian students who are looking for MBBS abroad options.

DegreeMD Physician ≈ MBBS
Type of UniversitiesPrivate and Government
Duration4.8 years + 1-year internship
Budget14 Lakh to 25 lakh
NEETCut off qualified
Medium of instructionEnglish and English/Russian
Distance from India3:30 hours by a direct flight from India
Hostel LocationOn-campus

What advantage CollegeClue’s candidates get while studying MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Affordable MBBS study Package: Due to very high budgets in private medical colleges in India, MBBS degrees become unaffordable for many students. But with the tie-up of Kazakhstan medical universities and CollegeClue, the entire course has become so affordable that it can be easily taken by any middle-class family.

English as a medium of instruction: Most of the medical colleges in Kazakhstan provide a fully English medium curriculum but there are many that also offer bilingual course curriculum under which some subjects are taught in English and some are in the Russian language. CollegeClue helps the candidates to find the best medical university in Kazakhstan that offers to teach only in the English language.

Indian Faculties: Though there is respect for all faculties especially for Indian students, we provide Indian faculties at medical colleges in Kazakhstan. Because sometimes students face accent problems while taking lectures from other teachers.

Direct Admission: When you apply for MBBS in the medical colleges of Kazakhstan through CollegeClue, you won’t have to pay any donation and capitation fee. You can study MBBS in Kazakhstan within a very affordable budget.

Easy admission procedure: We make your entire admission process very smooth, you just need to have a NEET qualified scorecard and some basic documents like a 12th certificate, passport etc. You can easily take admission to your desired college.

Easy Visa process: We ensure an effortless visa process with a 100% success rate. We will take all your document responsibilities on our shoulders to get your visa application done as soon as possible.

Indian mess facility: We ensure students that they can enjoy their homelike Indian food while studying MBBS abroad. There will be a fixed charge to get breakfast, Lunch, Dinner on time.

Separate Hostel Facility: We make separate accommodation arrangements for our candidates. Under these benefits renovated and separate hostels are provided for boys and girls where they can stay with their country mates.

List of NMC recognised universities in Kazakhstan

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The medical college is known for its “Smart Medicine” program. Indian students who have graduated from IMS Almaty say that studying in IMS, Kazakhstan is similar to studying in Indian medical colleges but with 5 timeless budgets.

The institute has created its dominance in providing profound medical practitioners that can meet international standards and can work in any country of the world. With IMS, a candidate can forecast their MBBS course completion within INR 15 lakh. 

Foundation year1992
Type of universitySemi-Government
LocationAlmaty, Kazakhstan
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleFully Compatible
Indian students100+
Country Rank20
Total BudgetINR 15 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes

It also comes under the category of affordable medical universities in Kazakhstan. The key reason for choosing Astana Medical University is its location because it is located in the capital city of Kazakhstan i.e Nur Sultan (Astana). Studying MBBS from the location which has all the modern facilities required to grow the overall personality is really one of the main reasons for medical candidates selecting any college.

The university provides a comfortable learning environment where students are taught with a perfect balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. For students’ academic growth, the college has tie-ups with other international medical universities under which programs like student exchange have been run.

Foundation year1964
Type of universityPrivate
LocationNur Sultan (Astana)
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students80+
Country Rank14
Total BudgetINR 15.25 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes

Kazakh National Medical University is among those universities where things are taken into consideration according to the current need of Youth. It is one of the oldest institutes offering medical education and has a great experience of delivering the best results in the country. It received the tag of National university in 2001 and has a 96% employment graduate rate which means 96 out of 100 students are doing great in their medical career.

The 90-year-old medical university is known for its unique teaching methodologies and innovative approach that lead it to provide the best academic result every year. All these facts combined attract Indian as well other international students to get enrolled here.

Foundation year1931
Type of universityGovernment
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students90+
Country Rank6
Total BudgetINR 20 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • North Kazakhstan state university

Although most of the universities in Kazakhstan are co-ed North Kazakhstan state university is one of the oldest institutes which is famous for its co-ed system. This institute has more than 8 decades of educational history providing integrated education with innovative methods of teaching. The university also holds international collaboration programs with numerous prestigious universities for knowledge sharing and many scientific research programs are being conducted.

It received a tag of “state medical university” in 2001 and has become a major attraction for the students who are looking for MBBS Abroad opportunities. It has a great network of affiliated hospitals to provide better clinical exposure to its medical students.

Foundation year1937
Type of universityGovernment
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students130
Country Rank27
Total BudgetINR 14.50 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Semey State Medical university

Semey State Medical University is one of those medical institutes where students will be going to learn a lot with a modern approach. It is recognized by WHO, MCI and the ministry of education of science of Kazakhstan. It is rich in historic tradition and contributes to the development of medicine and to support the health care system.

The university has started General medicine faculty in 2003, since then it has become one of the hottest points among the medical aspirants who are looking for MBBS Abroad opportunities and MBBS in Kazakhstan. Behind its great academic results, there are experienced professors and teachers who keep an eye on every individual candidate and ensure they can get the best possible education to enhance their skill set.

Foundation year1952
Type of universityGovernment
LocationSemey, Kazakhstan
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students80+
Country Rank17
Total BudgetINR 16.50 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy has emerged as an institution that is committed to delivering excellence in teaching and is known for innovative research. It has maintained the consistency of being in the top 10 medical universities of Kazakhstan. The academy has highly qualified teaching staff including experienced professors, researchers and internationally recognized teachers.

The university has a great student diversity under which the students from more than 57 countries enrol themselves every year in different undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate courses.

Foundation year1979
Type of universityPrivate
LocationShymkent city
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students100+
Country Rank29
Total BudgetINR 17 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty

The campus of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty is one of the largest among the other medical universities of Kazakhstan, it is constructed over 100 hectares amidst the Almaty city. It falls in the category of the oldest medical institutes of Kazakhstan.

It also has collaboration with international accreditation agencies such as ASIIN, ACQUIN, AQA, FIBAA and other medical institution education sharing and students exchange program.

Foundation year1934
Type of universityGovernment
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students95+
Country Rank18
Total BudgetINR 15.50 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • West Kazakhstan State Medical University

The West Kazakhstan State Medical University is known for its immense contribution toward the medical health care system by providing talented and skilled medical professionals to the world. Students who graduated from WKSMU are working well in their medical careers and serving humanity. It has seen enormous growth in its academic history and became one of the best options for MBBS Abroad aspirants.

The university provides quality education to students and involves them in scientific activities in areas like Pediatrics, surgery, biomedical problems, therapy etc.

Foundation year1957
Type of universityGovernment
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students60+
Country Rank54
Total BudgetINR 14.35 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Karaganda State Medical University, Karagandy

Karaganda State Medical University is an outstanding institute run under the supervision of the ministry of higher education. The major attraction of this university is being equipped with modern technologies and laboratories loaded with new equipment and instruments.

The college focuses on the study based on a more practical approach rather than theoretical which increases the chances of getting good opportunities in both education as well as jobs with higher packages. Its teaching staff contains 100+ teachers, professors, specialist doctors who all are capable of teaching the English language to lessen the language barrier.

Foundation year1950
Type of universityGovernment
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students80+
Country Rank34
Total BudgetINR 16 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes

Final Take Away

In this information age, where new and innovative methods are available to get educated, don’t restrict yourself to India only. This is the time when you can easily explore global opportunities in any field. 

We are aware of the cutthroat competition among the medical aspirants in India. To avoid this unnecessary competition, students are now getting attracted toward MBBS Abroad opportunity and Kazakhstan is the country that has become the most prefered destination for Indian students across the world. 

If you are looking for MBBS study in Kazakhstan opportunities, keep the suggested medical universities in Kazakhstan on your wishlist and choose the best for you. 

And you know what, CollegeClue’s doors are always open for you for any help at every step of your admission process, feel free to connect with us

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