The life of MBBS aspirants is not easy, even in the initial phase when they prepare to clear the entrance exam, they go through various stressful situations. Getting admission in Indian medical colleges that too in 1st attempt is a rare scenario because in a country like India where the demand and supply ratio of Doctors is highly mismatched creates a tough competition among the medical aspirants. In this situation, studying MBBS Abroad is an emerging option.

If a student fails in the NEET entrance exam, he is stuck in the dilemma of taking a drop for a year or choosing other options that can save time and money. In this post, we will talk about the situation in which a candidate should prefer to re-attempt the NEET exam and the situation when he should consider doing MBBS from foreign countries.

Let’s dive deep into the topic.

Is it worth taking a drop for another year?

NEET is a highly competitive entrance exam but as we all know the only option to study MBBS from a reputed medical institution in India.

  • If you are confident enough in your practice methods
  • If you have patience and your only goal is to complete MBBS in India.
  • If your marks are above 500 in the current year then there are high possibilities that you can easily add 100 marks to your current marks.
  • If you are ready to handle family and social pressure
  • If you know that you are not going to be frustrated by reading the same books & study material.
  • If your budget is not affecting your and your family’s financial condition.

Ask these questions to yourself and still, the answer coming from the gut is “YES, I can do it” then you can make your mind take a drop for another year.

If your answer is NO, then you must think about MBBS Abroad once.

When to choose Studying MBBS Abroad?

  • If you are able to see the cutthroat competition in India may ruin your time, effort and money.
  • If getting global exposure attracts you.
  • If you are aiming to make your medical career in foreign countries
  • If you have realized that you could get the same MBBS degree from foreign countries
  • If you are short on budget and still keeping MBBS study from Indian private colleges as your Plan B

In all the above conditions, a candidate must think about MBBS study abroad

How to analyze your decision? — “Fight for NEET or Flight for MBBS Abroad”

When you prepare your mind for taking a drop for a year, the major reason behind it is the improvement in your score. You burn the midnight oil and try to synchronize your time, hard efforts and money in a single direction to achieve your goal but have you ever thought about how risky this step is?

Suppose, this is 2020, and you have a score of 300 marks in your NEET exam. You are aware that you can’t get a seat in government Indian medical colleges with this score. You decide to try one more year to crack the exam with better marks. You start your struggle again by putting your 1 year at risk.

Now in 2021, Exam day — No doubt you have been working hard for 1 year but when you appear in the exam, you find that the questions are much more tricky than you had thought about. Somehow you manage the things and complete the exam. 

Now the result day, you get to know that you have scored 450 marks. No doubt you have improved on your performance but dear candidate, you still can not get the seat in any government  Indian college with this score. Now, what will you do? Yes, with this score you can easily get an MBBS seat in private Indian medical colleges but the question is — Do you have the budget to pay the hefty tuition fee and donation? That sometimes goes beyond 1 crore. No, Right?

Now you are in the middle of your struggle and you are much better than lakhs of students who are behind you. You gathered all the courage again and put another year at risk, take another drop. But this time, you have scored 500, yes there is an improvement on your score but my dear friend, this score is also not sufficient to get the government college. Now the loop started, and you have entered 2022.

You have a lot of family and society pressure, bombarding of taunts, negative comments, questions against your potential, and a bouquet of fears of failure again and again. In this condition, can you imagine yourself? What if you fail again, how will you justify the years that you’ve wasted in preparation because no one in this society judges you on the basis of your struggle. 

“If you are passed, you are successful but if you fail even if with 1 mark, you would be considered a failure”

Check this video to get a better understanding.

DROP for NEET or Study MBBS Abroad? Clear all your doubts with #CollegeClue

Students, being an expert in this industry, we can give you better advice for your career. There is nothing bad in taking a drop, but just analyze the situation which we have covered above in this post. 

Success in competitive exam; 80% hardwork + 20% luck

You can cover 80% with your hard work but the rest 20% is not in your hand. But when you make your mind for MBBS Study Abroad, you can easily cover all your risks.

You would be thinking How? Because you can take admission for study MBBS Abroad with only 138 marks (cut off for 2021 NEET Exam). 

Let’s take a glimpse of other advantages of MBBS abroad

  • You can complete your MBBS from foreign countries in a very low budget (15 Lakh onward)
  • You will get international exposure of medical education
  • You will have an opportunity to study at a world-class infrastructure where the best clinical exposure is given by experienced professors and senior doctors.
  • The best thing is that you will acquire an MBBS degree with similar recognition as you get in India.
  • By choosing MBBS abroad, you can save yourselves from unnecessary mental pressure, family, society and relatives.
  • No stress of failures in the entrance exam and many more

Final Take Away

✔Are you ready to read the same books again?

✔Are you strong enough to face comments from peers and relatives?

✔Are you able to manage the frustration which makes you stressed?

✔Are you able to pay a high amount in private medical colleges in India?

If your answer is YES without any doubt and confusion, you must take a drop but if your answer is NO and you have any confusion in your mind? STUDY MBBS ABROAD would be a great option for you. 

With proper planning and preparation, you can easily get a seat in any foreign country of your choice to pursue the MBBS course. You can choose CollegeClue, a reliable and trustworthy companion for your MBBS abroad journey that will help you at every step throughout your medical career.

MBBS is a big journey and pursuing it from abroad saves you from various risk factors. Not only droppers but all MBBS aspirants should consider MBBS abroad option once while planning their career. Because we have seen many students who take admission in foreign countries after their 4th attempt in the NEET entrance exam.

Just think that you are 21 or 22 years old and you just have a 12th certificate.

Finally, it’s up to you, what you choose — FIGHT for NEET or FLIGHT for MBBS Abroad.

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