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To crack the NEET UG Exam, you do not need to be a topper in your class or your school, you can clear the exam with a decent score even if you are an average student. 

The key factors to clear the NEET exam are excellent strategy, dedication, consistency and smart work. If your preparation has these elements, you can beat the cutthroat competition in the NEET exam.

But along with it, an aspiring candidate should understand that the NEET exam is the sole entrance exam to get into a medical sphere and it is a long process that involves a long process. You work hard for a year and perform on an exam day that really requires a strategy that you can follow for a year.

Here in this post, we will discuss what Not to do for NEET UG Exam 2022, because in the last 3-4 months, students get stressed and get distracted from the strategies that may cost them huge in terms of failure.

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Referring New Books

 This is one of those mistakes that a candidate does not realize while committing because they think that they are studying more and more study means more knowledge and more knowledge means more marks in the exam.

This goes completely against their strategy because before 3 to 4 months of the exam, studying with new books may keep you left with a lot of confusion and confusion indirectly means a lack of confidence.

It may be possible that you get influenced by some of your friends who are trying new books and telling you by enlarging the things that they are solving from these books and that source.

Students, just block all of them because they are going to distract you. 

The books you require and the syllabus you have to cover are NCERT. Students NCERT books are Bhagavad Geeta for the NEET exam. Apart from it, you can study with NCERT Exemplar, DPP (Daily Practice Problem) for NEET and Previous year question papers. This is all you require to refer to while you are preparing for the Exam.

Once you complete it, repeat it, and revise it as many times as possible. Your revision will fix all the concepts in your mind. It will also raise your confidence and efficiency.

No or Little revision

When your exam is around the corner, you get overexcited to finish the entire syllabus but every NEET aspirant should understand that proper revision is also important. 

Revision doesn’t mean just revising any random topic without any schedule. Your revision should undergo a strategic approach. 

It should be done regularly, you can make a ritual for revision like you can assign 90 minutes of your morning to revision or you can take this 90 minutes before sleeping. Choose any time and any amount of time as per your comfortability but it should be like a ritual.

Apart from this, you can also follow the routine as you have prepared your Notes first >> Revise it on the next day >> Revise it on the 3rd day >> Revise it on the next 3 days>> and again on the 3rd Day >> then revise it after 7days.

And if you follow this routine for all topics that you have studied, you will revise your entire NEET syllabus 5 times before the exam.

And the more you revise, the more you will retain the concept and the more accurately you will answer in the examination.

Don’t have any Planning & Strategy

Not having any planning and strategy may affect your score badly. If you wake up daily and pick any random topic to study without any goal and direction, it may leave you confused in the end.

In this situation, just wait for a while and think about what you are doing and how your preparation is going. Overall what you have to do, make a proper strategy based on how much time you have and what you want to achieve.

Make a list of the topics which you have covered and what topics are left in your syllabus. Filter out the topic based on their weightage marks and reduce your burden. But don’t forget to revise the covered topics.

No Analysis of Mock tests

It is good if you are practicing mock tests regularly, it gives you real-time exam experience. But if you are not analyzing your mistakes and performance in the mock test, you are committing mistakes.

You have to analyze your score, the topics where you are getting stuck and in which section you are taking more time. This will definitely help you to boost your confidence.

Not noting down the doubts

When you start noting down your doubts you will become more confident every day. Try to clear all your doubts with someone with whom you are comfortable like teachers, friends and seniors. 

If you follow this method regularly, you will notice a gradual improvement in your marks in mock tests.

Compromise With Sleep

This is a very important factor for all aspirants. When exam dates come closer, students start compromising on their sleep to cover more topics or syllabus. But if you do so, initially you will feel that you are studying more by sacrificing your sleep but it may adversely affect your performance in the long term.

You will feel a lack of energy and that will affect your daily study performance. So taking proper sleep is also necessary while doing NEET preparation.


While pursuing your goal it is very important to have a clear mindset in the right direction. It is good to have clarity about what you have to do but it is also important to know what you don’t have to do while preparing for the NEET-UG exam 2022.
If you need more preparation tips for NEET 2022, keep connected with us for more information, tips and tricks about the exam.

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