Toppers’ NEET-UG Exam Strategy - Karthika G Nair

As we all are aware that the NEET UG exam is the only entrance exam to get into the field of Medicine. It is a highly competitive exam that requires a perfect combination of hard work, luck and effort. 

You have to make a harmony between your efforts and exam toughness to get success in the NEET UG exam. The exam is near, so it is crucially important to check the strategies of those students who have not only topped the exam but also scored 720/720 marks in the exam which means 100% marks.

In this post, I will provide you with the strategy followed by Karthika G Nair who achieved 1st Rank in NEET-UG 2021.

Following tips and tricks are shared here which are as follows:

Practicing a lot of mock tests is critically important

Mock tests are prepared by professional teachers and professors who have vast experience in this field. It is a way that gives you an experience of a real-time exam. So once you have covered the complete syllabus, start pressing a mock test on a daily basis.

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Subject wise strategy


  • Focus on weak topics and those chapters that have heavy weightage (mechanics, modern physics etc) 
  • Highlight important points from NCERT and revise them (so the theory questions will not go wrong) 
  • Practice mock tests to learn time management during the exam.
  • Give more time to reading the question than solving it 

Calculations: Make easy tips

  • Memorize formulae
  • The topics you find easy, spend less time on them but keep constant revision

 C H E M I S T R Y 

Practice solving this section quickly with accuracy so you have time to spend more time in the physics section. 

Note: You can shuffle with the subjects because every student has his own strengths and weaknesses.

Physical Chemistry

  • You can keep a physics-like approach (calculations should be fast, memorize formulae by writing a formulae list) 
  • Read NCERT (go thoroughly with the NCERT syllabus, underline the important points because questions are asked in the NEET exam)
  • It’s scoring so don’t lose marks here

Inorganic Chemistry

  • Remember line by line (NCERT) she recommends revising NCERT like 8-10 times or as much as possible because revision makes the facts. memorable thus you take less time while solving the exam.
  • Make short notes and memorize them by order or sequence.
  • Revise every week, so that you don’t forget what you have learned.
  • Solve a lot of questions on each topic.

Organic Chemistry

  • Read NCERT as many times as possible (reactions, conditions, a list for name reactions and common names) 
  • Out of knowledge is needed because sometimes 4 to 6 questions are asked which are from out of syllabus. To cover these types of questions,  practice modules papers and previous year questions) 
  • Revise weekly. 

B I O L O G Y 

Biology is one of the major sections of the NEET-UG exam. Take it very seriously.

  • NCERT is very important (revise it as much as possible and try to memorize line by line) 
  • Check previous year’s papers and write down the questions which were out of NCERT. Solve it with the help of teachers and friends.
  • Make a list of difficult topics and revise it again and again.
  • Application-based topics like genetics and molecular basis. Learn line by line because the base is in the NCERT 
  • Human physiology topics are important to focus on that
  • Practice diagrams, that match the following
  • Read all options. Even though you find the first option correct, read the whole question and all options. 


Well exam strategy may vary from person to person but here is the strategy that was followed by Karthika G Nair

Biology –  30 minutes

Chemistry – 20 minutes

Physics – 45 Minutes

She did section A first then section B 

She attempted those questions first in which she was confident and which can be solved in less time with full accuracy.

She marked the questions that she didn’t want to do so that she won’t need to read them again.

Now she was left with 1 hour 15 minutes, she started marking answers on the OMR sheet ( Physics -> Chemistry -> Botany -> Zoology)

Note: This strategy may not work for everyone. Karthika G Nair herself said that this strategy works only when your question paper is not lengthy. If you use this strategy in a lengthy exam, you won’t be able to fill the OMR sheet properly.


  • Karthika G Nair who got rank 1 in the NEET UG exam 2021 said that every aspirant should try to keep calm before two or three days of the exam. 
  • Revise the short notes you have prepared, don’t go to read from the books and don’t solve numerical questions related to new topics. This is the time to gather all the things that you have practiced.
  • Reach the exam hall early, that will help you to keep yourself calm.
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