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After the Russia Ukraine war crisis, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan countries have emerged as the safest and most preferred destinations for MBBS abroad.

The Russia Ukraine war crisis has left a traumatic impact on Indian MBBS students who were studying there. It has shattered the dream of many aspirants who were willing to study MBBS in Russia or Ukraine, even parents have also started asking whether MBBS from foreign countries is safe or not. 

After NMC Gazette 2021 the Philippines has been removed from the student’s top list for MBBS abroad and now they are worried about Ukraine and Russia after the war situation. All these situations forced us to think that — Is MBBS abroad dying?

So here is the simple answer, MBBS abroad industry can not die because of the following reasons:

  • Cut throat competition in India
  • Hefty budget in private Indian medical colleges
  • Better opportunities in abroad in comparison to many private colleges of India

MBBS abroad opens a door of opportunities for NEET-qualified students who didn’t get a seat in Indian government colleges. They can take admission to foreign countries and can fulfil their dream of becoming doctors.

Reality of MBBS Abroad after Russia Ukraine war

No doubt Ukraine and the Philippines were the most attractive choice for any Indian student who wanted to study MBBS abroad. The current reality is, the Russia-Ukraine war has opened new avenues for Indian MBBS aspirants. The countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and Armenia are in high demand because these countries are offering far better facilities to the Indian students.

Although Russia is still safe and students have been asking for it continuously. The universities in Russia are also welcoming Indian students and started their admission process for the September intake.

Good News for Ukraine returnee

There is good news for those students who have been admitted to Ukraine in the last year. Embassy of India, Nur Sultan has authorized some medical colleges of Kazakhstan like “International Medical School, Almaty” to accept the transfer cases of Ukraine.

Because the embassy has seen the Genuity of the MBBS course IMS Almaty has been providing. And why would not it be? IMS Almaty is providing all the education facilities for Indian students from NMC guidelines-oriented syllabus to Indian faculties for regular classes.

A similar scenario can be seen in the Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health, Uzbekistan. Though there is no news for Ukraine transfer from FMIPH officials but it has already opened its admission process for September intake. FMIPH is a government university and has been providing medical education to international students for many years.

Apart from this, whether it is Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan, these countries are only 3 to 4 hours air distance from India.

Suggestions for Indian parents or students

MBBS aspirants and their parents have to shift their focus toward the neighbour countries of India. They need to be clear that MBBS abroad don’t include Ukraine & the Philippines countries only. There are several other countries which are offering the same MBBS course in a far low budget than Ukraine and providing far better opportunities than it.

The country like Georgia is also a good option and became one of the favourite places for MBBS because of having a European education curriculum and very affordable living costs.

Like previous year, we are receiving hundreds of queries for Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Georgia. Some students have booked their seats also for September intake.


MBBS abroad is a solution to the problem that lies in India. Even if there are seats in India, even if the donation system has vanished from India but there would be a huge requirement to upgrade the teaching qualities and facilities to get abroad like practical exposure in many Indian private medical colleges. 

Every country makes effort to strengthen the health care system good but in reality, there is a huge requirement for medical professionals to serve the people across the world. So just change your perception and search for alternative options for MBBS in foreign countries.

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