Russia for Indian medical students

Studying in any other country helps students to broaden their skills and experience of a new education system and culture of a new country. Majorly studying abroad is considered a costly choice, but, it isn’t, it is merely a myth, apart from that MBBS in abroad is affordable and a wise decision was taken by any medical student. It releases a financial burden from their parent’s heads. If we talk about different countries for MBBS preferred by Indian students, we found Russia as a hot and popular destination for study abroad. Russia witnesses every year nearly 6,000 Indian students took admission in Russian universities, out of that approx. 4,200 students opted to study medicine in Russia. Relations between India and Russia are also a major reason for the continuous rise of Indian students in Russia.

Russia has been a popular destination for international students who wish to pursue MBBS. Russia has almost 30 universities among the top 100 ranking medical colleges according to WHO. Research says that most of the pass-out doctors from Russian medical universities are serving in prestigious hospitals across the globe. MBBS in Russia is the first choice for international students because the Russian Ministry of Health and Education provides subsidies in the fee for students. Apart from affordable education, the MBBS admission in Russia is an easy and hassle free process. It helps to increase the number of international students and strengthened the position as a top study abroad destination among Indian students.

MBBS fee in Russia is very low i.e. INR 2.5 Lakhs – INR 5 Lakhs per year. All medical universities in Russia are approved by WHO, NMC (MCI). The MBBS degree from Russia is valid in India and anywhere in the world.

What makes Russia a top choice for MBBS?

The cost-effective education and quality infrastructure engaged with the easy admission and documentation process are the factors that increase and maintain the flow of foreign students to Russian universities. The country has a decent teacher-student ratio that makes communication better and focuses on learning.

Popular Courses

Russian universities are known for their courses in Medicine, Engineering, Nuclear Physics, Aviation, etc. medicine is one of the top choices for Indian students because of the tough competition for admission in the Indian government colleges. To get rid off of this situation, Russia provides an easy admission facility to its prestigious medical universities, candidates just have to qualify for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) for admission in Russian medical Universities. Universities in Russia are featured with various faculties like faculty of Nursing, dentistry, veterinary, physiology, etc. which helps to increase the number of Indian students in Russian Universities. after the completion of the medical program which is usually six years long in Russia, the student will receive the MD physician Degree equivalent to the MBBS degree in India.

Scholarship Programs

Russian government awards scholarships to brilliant foreign students based on their academic performance. About 15,000 scholarships are state-funded offered to students including Indians. As a part of the scholarship, some other facilities such as maintenance allowances, accommodation are provided if available in the university. Russia made medical studies easier and affordable for international students. The scholarship program helps many to make their dream of becoming a doctor come true. Some prominent scholarship programs in Russia are:

✅ The government of Russian Federation Scholarships

✅ Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships

✅ Russian medical colleges offer educational grants

✅ SRAS (The school of Russian and Asian Studies)

Teaching Methods

Universities in Russia follow a practical approach to teaching. Medical students and other students trained by inheriting the habit of learning through practical experiments, hands-on clinical experiences, etc. these methods elevate the curiosity level which is a must in any student to make their future bright and get jobs and other opportunities easily.

Job Opportunities

International students are also taught the Russian language after enrolment in the Medical programme. Language skills help in finding jobs in Russia for international students. The language skills help to be a professional doctor in Russia and interact with Russian patients and cure them without any language barrier. Afterall the opportunities for medical graduates are:

✳️ You can settle in Russia after getting your degree and get the PR (Permanent Residence).

✳️ You can qualify for the NEXT (National Exit Test) exam and settle in India.

✳️ You can practice as the RMP (registered medical practitioner) or general physician in India.

✳️ You can proceed further for the PG program in India or abroad for specialization in a particular field.

✳️ You can qualify for USMLE for practicing medicine in the USA, or other entrance exams of the country in which you want to get the license of practicing medicine.

✳️ You can further do a fellowship programs for any specialization in medical science.

Male-Female Ratio

In Russia, there has been an increase in the number of female applicants enrolling for a medical degree. Almost half of the total Indian medical student population are female candidates. It clearly shows the safety level of international students in Russia, it also spread awareness about the security and safety measures which are taken by the Russian government. It also encourages female students to enroll themselves in Russian Medical Universities.

Cultural Diversity in Russia

In addition to India, most students have come from China, the USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other European countries. The mixture of so many cultures and perspectives is major in Russian Universities. students get to know about different each other’s culture and tradition. Cultural diversity in Russian society is determined by the historically rooted structure of ethnic and cultural space. About 80% of the total population is Russian whereas 20% of the population belongs to more than 180 countries which gives strength in making Russia rich in tradition.

Student Life in Russia

Every year thousands of students from many countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Vietnam, etc. travel to Russia to study MBBS. The medical students enjoy a healthy and happy life. Students are provided the best quality of accommodation and infrastructure of the campus. Many cultural events are organized in the universities. the living condition in Russia along with many other positive factors make Russia a favorable place for foreigners as well as local students to pursue MBBS and other degrees in Medicine.

As a country, Russia is a very beautiful country. it gives students a fantastic experience when they explore the country. The most visited places are St. Petersburg, the state hermitage museum, Moscow, Red Square Lake Baikal where students can visit and enjoy the beauty of nature.   

Top Universities in Russia for MBBS

  1. Ulyanovsk State University
  2. Mordovia State University
  3. Crimea Federal University
  4. Kuban State University
  5. Volgograd State University
  6. People Friendship University
  7. St Petersburg State Medical University
  8. Kazan Federal University

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