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We got lots of calls, emails and messages from MBBS Aspirants who are willing to go Abroad and study medicine but later they denied it with the reason that their parents are not allowing them to study MBBS in foreign countries.

Let’s try to figure out the major concerns of parents and what are their doubts regarding MBBS abroad.

In most cases, students try to convince their parents by using emotional blackmailing tricks which is wrong because in this way neither you will be happy nor your parents will be happy.

Students, You have to ask your parents about their concerns and make them understand logically not emotionally.

Here in this post, you will get the perfect approach to make your parents understand. With this post, we will try to cover the major concerns of parents and their solutions.

If it’s Abroad, it will be expensive

Almost all parents have this thought in their mind that foreign countries are expensive in comparison to India. Even though they will not tell you, this must be one of the denying concerns.

The right approach to convince them on this point is making them aware of the reality. Show them a real picture that the cost of MBBS courses in Indian private colleges is 70 lakh to 80 lakh on the other hand this cost gets reduced to 20 lakh to 30 lakh from Abroad.

Besides this, the cost of living in many countries is similar to that of India. The living cost, food and travelling cost is almost equivalent to or lesser than that of Indian cities. So get a clear picture of your parents or guardians that will help in creating their doubts.

Safety & Security (Especially girls)

Safety is something for which all parents care. All countries have their safety rules and regulations for the security of local as well as foreign citizens. Universities in foreign countries have their rules that have to be followed by all the students. Unlike India, most of the foreign countries’ roads and streets are equipped with CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of citizens.

Apart from this, guards and caretakers are available in all hostels who take care of everything for the students. Students have to enter the hostel by a defined time similar to India. So you have to make your parents understand that the security standards in foreign countries are similar to that of India.

Parents are concerned that due to having western culture, boys and girls will stay in the same hostel but the scenario is different, the medical universities Abroad have separate hostel facilities for both Boys and Girls.

There are a lot of students who have been already studying and living there safely. You just have to follow the rules of a particular university like Indian universities have and students follow that rules.

Parents don’t want to send their children away from themselves due to safety reasons but in this age where there are options like video calling and free voice calling, you can easily connect with anyone across the world.

You will have to tell your parents that you can come home during your semester vacation. That means you will be with your parents for almost 2 months in a year.

When you talk to your parents about these facts and make them understand politely, they can visualize you studying in foreign countries with safety. This approach may change their perception easily.

MBBS abroad is not valid in India

Parents are also concerned whether an MBBS degree from Abroad will be valid in India or not. Here you need to tell them that the university you are choosing is approved by WHO, follows NMC and international medical education guidelines. 

You will need to tell them that at the end of your course, you will get the degree with the same recognition and value equivalent to the MBBS degree (MD Physician = MBBS).

The teachers and lecturers in foreign universities are PhD scholars, specialists and hold vast experience in their respective subjects.

There are thousands of students who have studied MBBS in foreign countries and they are successfully working as Physicians, specialists not only in India but also across the world. 

Benefits of Study MBBS Abroad

You can list out the real benefits of MBBS Abroad to convince your parents. The main thing you can describe to the parents is the NMC bill, which says that a candidate must pass the NEXT exam whether he/she is an Indian medical graduate or a Foreign Medical Graduate, whether they have done their MBBS from AIIMS, any private medical institute or from any WHO listed universities across the world, they will have to appear mandatorily for NEXT exam if they want to practice medicine in India.

When you have to go through the same exam then it would be a better choice to save your parents money by opting for MBBS Abroad, because you will get the same degree after completing the course.

The Study MBBS Abroad option enables you to complete your MBBS degree within 20 Lakh to 30 Lakh whereas in India you have to pay above 80 Lakh for the same course or degree.

MBBS Abroad opens a plethora of opportunities and a great international exposure to the Medical aspirants.

The time duration and course curriculum are almost similar to that of India, even you will get much better practical/clinical exposure in comparison to certain colleges of India. 

The infrastructure you are getting in Indian colleges, the same or better you will get in foreign countries. There are some universities where students do not get opportunities to perform experiments with cadavers but all foreign universities provide practical exposure with cadavers.

In this way, by putting your points logically, you can convince your parents by clearing all their doubts and queries without playing an emotional game. Living far from your parents makes you independent and you will see great personality development which is the thing that a great doctor carries.

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