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Students who think that FMGE is an exam that can be passed in one night, then you are wrong. Because it is an exam that requires consistent hard work and a deep understanding of the subjects which you have studied during the course.

If you have to clear FMGE Exam in your first attempt, you must follow a routine from the beginning and that is why we at CollegeClue provide FMGE/NEXT Coaching from the first semester to our candidates. Due to this, we have a track record of the MBBS abroad graduates who have qualified for the FMGE exam in their first attempt.

This post will help you to polish your concepts and maintain a routine that can be followed throughout the MBBS journey or before 4 to 5 months of the FMGE exam.

MBBS abroad candidates who do not have any schedule for FMGE 2022 Exam can follow the mentioned steps in this blog post.

FMGE Exam 2022 preparation tips:

Every year FMGE or MCI screening test is getting hard and that is why medical candidates have to put extra effort to pass the exam. By following these simple tips you can crack the FMGE exam 2022 easily.

Prepare your own timetable

If you have not studied the FMGE syllabus with a schedule then think about it. Divide the topics and subjects according to the important section you want to study and aim to complete that syllabus every day by distributing proper time to that topic.


You must have a syllabus issued by the National Medical Council of India. Try to cover the entire syllabus of the MBBS course because ignoring any subject may lead you to the possibility of coming more questions from that subject. So don’t ignore any topic and complete those topics first that have more weightage.

Prepare short notes

A perfect FMGE exam plan is incomplete without having short notes. If you are preparing your own notes from the beginning, it will definitely help you at the time of revision. You will save a lot of time if you have short notes on each topic, you won’t have to study all the things before the exam. Just go through the important points which you have written down in your own notes.

Strengthen Your Week Area

Generally, students focus on their favourite or easy topics and do not pay attention to the other sections which they find either difficult or less interesting. 

This habit of ignoring the difficult topics will impact your FMGE 2022 exam result and will force you to repeat the exam.

Regular Revision

Students while preparing for the exam forget to revise the topics which they have studied. Our brain stores repetitive tasks or information else it will lose the information. So schedule a time for revision weekly or monthly which will make your brain store the information accurately.

Mock tests are the Key

Mock tests help you to analyze your preparation and how well you have studied a topic. It also helps to practice the exam scenario multiple times before the exam. Just giving every mock test in the way you appear in the exam will boost your question-solving speed and accuracy.

With the mock tests, students can solve the previous year’s question paper also and get an exact glimpse of the exam. After every mock test, you have to analyze your test where you have taken more time and try to improve that section.

So these are some strategies that will help you to get ready for the FMGE Exam 2022 preparation. You can also join the crash course and proper long course to strengthen your preparation before the exam.

If you have graduated then you can easily give 8 to 10 hours to study. Just study the topic, clear all the doubts and solve the question the next day related to that topic. 

Last but not the least, Daily/Weekly revision, performance analysis in Mock tests and strength of your weak areas are keys to opening the door to your success.

All the best!

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