Pre-departure To-Do List for MBBS abroad students

Till now, you have successfully managed the hurdles right from appearing in NEET UG Exam to Getting counselling for MBBS Abroad, choosing the best country and college, getting an admission letter from the university and getting approval for Visa from the concerned embassy.

Now you are all set to leave your country but there are a lot of things that you need to consider before leaving your home country. Because you are going alone and you will need to manage all the things on your own. 

We know that there would be a lot of fun while pursuing MBBS in any foreign country but you will have to be prepared for some uncertain situations in your initial days because there would be no family members and friends to help you.

Here we are providing the pre-departure checklist for MBS students. Create a To-Do List and start ticking them off.

Essential Documents: 

Before taking off, all MBBS abroad students should carry their required documents because, in the absence of any required document, you may face many problems.

  • Original mark sheets
  • Attested mark sheets
  • NEET Scorecard
  • Migration certificate
  • Admission letter

Travel and ID documents

  • Passport photocopy
  • VISA photocopy
  • Air Ticket
  • Adhar card

Medicine Checklist

Get some basic medicine with you because changes in the environment and food patterns may fall you sick in the initial days of study. Therefore, you should carry some medicine for the following disease.

  • Cold, Fever 
  • Body Pain 
  • Indigestion, Gastric Problems 
  • Throat Infection
  • Allergies
  • Vomiting
  • Tooth-Ache
  • Cold, Headache
  • Stomach Pain
  • Sprain 

Study MBBS abroad to-do list for booking flight tickets:

  • If you are booking your flight ticket by yourself, try to book it immediately after getting your visa.
  • If you are one of those candidates who are going to miss your family (It happens with all students initially), then it is recommended to book a return ticket within a couple of days. If you can handle that homesickness then nothing is better than this.

MBBS Abroad to-do list for luggage allowance

  • The dimension of your luggage bag should be 158 cm (162 inches). The weight must not exceed 23 kg.  This number may vary from flight to flight but try to keep your luggage bag weight under 23kg.
  • Your handbag should be under 5kg to 7kg.
  • If you are taking off with the other student’s group, you can also share your luggage with someone whose luggage weight is under limit.
  • Your luggage should be tightly packed in a reliable bag or suitcase.
  • To protect yourself from accidents and loss of luggage, make sure you are travelling with insurance cover.

Talk to CollegeClue’s counsellors for any support related to documents, air travel guidelines etc.

Study MBBS abroad Checklist for clothes and accessories

  • Take at least 2 white coats and stethoscopes, because it will be difficult to find the market initially.
  • Take some clothes according to the location. If you are going somewhere with a cold temperature, you should have jackets and some woollen clothes. Know full details either from your counsellor or from any source.
  • Bedsheets and blankets are provided by hostel management, so don’t put these items in your luggage because it will unnecessarily increase the weight.
  • Try to bring toiletries for at least a month. Make sure you put these items in your luggage bag, not in your handbag.

Study MBBS abroad to-do list for self-cooking

Although you will be provided with an Indian food facility while pursuing MBBS from abroad, it is suggested to take some utensils, like a frypan, coffee mug, electric cattle, and a pair of plates and bowls. It will help you to cook something by yourself.

Gadgets to carry for MBBS study abroad:

  • The laptop and its charger should be kept in your handbag
  • Mobile phone with dual sim slot, because you will be given a local sim card after landing in your desired country. 
  • Shaving trimmer if you use it.
  • Powerbank and headphones
  • Hard drive and Pen drive

Books to carry for MBBS study abroad:

  • You can talk to your counsellors and seniors about which Indian writer book will be required to keep your fundamentals strong and for revision purposes.
  • College bag, stationery items and diaries

Foreign currency to carry for MBBS study abroad

  • Take some cash while travelling because when you land in the new country, Indian currency won’t work there. You can keep $500 to $1000 in the form of cash with you. Keep it in your handbag, not in your luggage bag.
  • Take internationally accepted debit and credit cards or you can take a forex currency card.
  • Keep a receipt of your currency exchange with GST.
  • Any transaction to the university should be directly done in the university account.


These are some pre-departure guidelines for MBBS abroad students. CollegeClue also conducts a pre-departure ceremony to guide the students in the best possible ways. Be ready with all the things which will be required in the new country where you are heading.

Hope, you do not miss out on anything essential. 

All the best, have a safe journey. If you have any queries, feel free to connect with us @ +91-9310382181 or Visit @

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