Fergana Medical school of Public Health Signed an MOU with Gurugram university

Recently our exclusive partner college “Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health” Signed an MOU with Gurugram University, India. This step has been taken for improving medical education for the students who have been studying at both the universities. Both are government universities and are renowned in their respective countries and this collaboration will help the students to enhance their skill sets. 

This agreement will take medical education to the next level because this agreement includes various activities such as students exchange, staff exchange and research exchange programs with the aim of strengthening the partnership through the various joint projects between the two universities. This agreement won’t change any other previous process like the admission would be done in both of the universities based on their educational qualification and criteria.

Under this agreement, both the universities will ensure that an equal number of students would be exchanged under the student exchange programme. MBBS students will get the opportunity to interact with other students and explore new avenues in their careers. This agreement mentions that both universities will share equal resources and research projects for the betterment of students.

During this occasion, there were various delegates and elite people holding important designations from both of the universities including the chancellor of Fergana Medical Institute, Prof. Sidikov Akmal Abdikakharovich, and the Vice-Chancellor of Gurugram University Prof. Dinesh Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of the Institute from Uzbekistan Prof. Eldorbeck, Prof. Nigora, Dr Sanjay Sehrawat, Prof. MS Turan, Dr Rakesh Kumar Yogi, Dr Dhirendra Kaushik, Dr Suman Vashisht, Dr Annapurna, Dr Amarjeet and Dr Ashok Khanna, Dr Shivkant and many others.

On this occasion, the chancellor of Fergana Medical Institute, Prof. Sidikov Akmal Abdikakharovich ensured to extend all the possible support for the effective implementation of this partnership.

The candidates who took admission to the Fergana Medical Institute of public health through CollegeClue will get all the exclusive benefits provided under this MOU. Students who are planning to get admitted to Fergana Medical Institute will also get the same facilities. With this MOU, Fergana Medical Institute of Public health became the most suitable college for Indian students who are looking for MBBS abroad options.

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