Recommended daily schedules for MBBS abroad students

Medical students abroad have a lot on their plates to manage. They have to manage their studies as well as their living. Apart from their regular studies, they have to make up their mind to prepare for the FMGE/NEXT exam.

Staying away from the family may create a lot of challenges. In this situation, students should control their urges for joy. Many students get distracted due to the limelight Abroad and lose focus on their studies.

As you all know, the NEET 2022 exam is done now. Many of you would be preparing for counselling and many of you would be thinking of MBBS abroad. So it is important to know how you will make your plan of studies without hampering your living.

Be aware of your curriculum: First of all, try to wake up as early as possible. 6 AM is a good time to start your day. Get ready for college and go through the topic which is going to be covered in your classroom. This will help you to ask the questions to your teachers and this will make you capable of taking most of that lecture. If there are any new terminologies about that topic, try to clear them at the same time.

Don’t miss your classes: Missing regular classes means you are missing out on something important in your syllabus. There are a lot of extra things like some advice and explanations provided by the teachers during their lectures. Those explanations are not mentioned in the books. There are some topics from which questions are asked directly in the FMGE exam.

Be consistent: Make your schedule that you can study at least 4 to 5 hours daily even when there are no exams around. Keep your core concept clear because FMGE or NEET exam questions are generally based on the core concept of the topic which a student may skip if he/she is studying for clearing the exams.

Revise frequently: It is crucially important to revise what you studied the last day, else it may vanish from your memory. Prepare shots not for quick revision during the exams and discuss the topic with your friends or roommates. In this way, you will develop an in-depth concept of every topic. These concepts will not only help you in your semester exam but also in FMGE/NEXT exam.

Allot some time for your hobbies: This is also important, students forget their hobbies and get busy with studies and managing the other things of daily life. This may become stressful for you. Try to indulge in some physical activities like playing any sports, Gym, or going out with your friends to get detached from your hectic study schedule.
Sleep properly: Many students after going abroad for the MBBS course plan their schedule so badly that they start compromising their sleep. Medical students who do not get proper sleep may find their lectures very lethargic and dull. They feel sleepy all the time and unable to understand complex information.

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