Top NMC listed Medical Colleges in Russia for Study MBBS Abroad

Russian medical universities have made their place in the top 30 medical colleges in the world as per the data provided by WHO. The reason behind it is that Russian universities provide the most advanced and sophisticated medical education in the world with well-equipped infrastructure and innovative teaching methods. According to the data provided by the Indian embassy in Moscow, around 6000 Indian students are studying MBBS in Russia and receiving world-class medical education.

About Russia,

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area and occupies one-tenth of the land on our earth. It spans across two continents (Europe and Asia) and has shores on three oceans including the Atlantic ocean, the Pacific ocean and the Arctic Ocean.

The landscape of Russia varies from sandy to frozen desserts, tall mountains to giant marshes. Without any surprise, Russia is a huge country with great diversity in the population. There are around 120 ethenic groups in Russia who speak hundreds of languages.

LanguageRussian, English
Major religionsRussian, Christian, Islam
Area17.13 million km²
Population14.41 crores (2020)
Exchange Rate1 Rub ≈ 1 INR

Why has Russia gained popularity among Indian Medical students?

MBBS aspirants who are looking for Abroad opportunities can keep Russia as their best destination. Russia is a developed country and has a great healthcare system but in recent years it has emerged as one the most preferred countries among MBBS aspirants. There are some reasons which are as follows:

  • High standard of education with learning environment
  • Affordable tuition fee as compared to the other European countries
  • No need to pay capitation fee
  • Admission can be taken with a low NEET score, hence candidates can save their time, efforts and money in improving the score.
  • The MBBS degree offered by Russian universities has equal value and recognition to that of India.
  • The universities follow all the guidelines of WHO and perfectly fits in the guidelines of the medical council of India.
  • The MBBS degree provided by Russian universities are globally accepted hence a candidate can build their medical career in any country across the world.
DegreeMD Physician ≈ MBBS
Type of UniversitiesPrivate and Government
Duration6 years + 1-year internship
Budget INR 30 Lakh to INR 45 lakh
NEETCut off qualified
Medium of instructionEnglish and English/Russian
Distance from India6 h 30 m
Hostel LocationOn-campus

Top Reasons to Study MBBS in Russia:

There are many reasons that attract Indian students to study MBBS in Russia. Some of them we are discussing in a brief here.

Affordable tuition fee and living cost:

In comparison to the tuition fee by many Indian private colleges in India, the fee structure of Russian medical universities that offer MBBS courses is fairly lower and affordable for students belonging to middle-class families. It ranges from INR 4 lakh to INR 8 lakh per year which is very economical as compared to that of many private colleges of India.

NMC Screening Test:

While studying MBBS in Russia, Indian students are provided training to clear the NEXT/FMGE exam in their first attempt. By doing so they will get an opportunity to practice in India as a legal medical professional.

Scholarship Test:

The Russian government and universities provide various scholarships to foreign students who study with scholarships. This scholarship requires a great academic background and good performance in the semesters. Using this scholarship, Indian students can study MBBS courses in Russia by reducing their education expenses.

Chance to get dual Diploma:

Many Russian universities have signed the Bologna declaration, under which students who wish to study MBBS in Russia get the chance to avail dual diplomas because the universities have joint programmers with the other international universities.

Easy adaptation environment for Indian students: Russia is home to a number of ethnicities that speak various languages. It attracts students from all over the world including India. Hence Indian medical aspirants find many other students from India with a taste of diverse and multicultural environments.

Advanced and Comfortable: Russia is also the other superpower after America, it has well-developed health care systems and infrastructure which includes advanced equipment, machinery and tools. Hence, students get an opportunity to study in highly advanced learning environments where they can get comfortable easily.

Study in English:

Russian medical universities provide MBBS courses in a fully English medium that can help the Indian students to grasp the concept in a better way without having any language barrier. Even most of the colleges have English as a medium of instruction so that the communication between college teachers and students becomes effortless.

Globally accepted MBBS degree: An MBBS degree from Russian medical universities is recognised all over the world and accredited by WHO, NMC and another national medical council. Therefore, students won’t face any issues while continuing their medical careers in any country.

Top-notch infrastructure:

The infrastructure of medical universities in Russia is well designed and equipped with modern equipment. Thus students get top tier facilities while studying MBBS courses in Russia.

Top MCI Listed Medical Universities in Russia

  • Voronezh State Medical University, Russia

Voronezh State Medical University is considered as one of the best Russian medical universities which are known for its innovative teaching methods and quality education. The university was originally founded in 1802 as a dept university foundation and became an independent medical institute in 1930.

The university also conducts research in the field of medicine, Biology, Pharmacy. Its performance has brought it under the top MCI listed Medical colleges in Russia. Every year it creates thousands of medical specialists from 56 countries including Asia, Europe and Africa. The university is equipped with modern equipment and the latest technologies to provide updated knowledge and a better understanding of the concepts.

Foundation year1930
Type of universityGovernment
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students80+
Country Rank181
Total BudgetINR 18.75 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Ural State Medical University

When it comes to getting admission in MBBS in Russia in the top NMC listed medical colleges in Russia, Ural state medical university is one of them. It was founded in 1930 and is located at Yekaterinburg which is the fourth largest city of Russia.

The university has more than 90 years of academic history and accreditation by the ministry of education and science of Russia. Students a get chance to study various courses like undergraduate, Graduate, Post Graduate, PhD and others

In 2013, the university received a status of the university and gained popularity as its current name 

It has a long history in the educational field. Initially, the university was known with the name Sverdlovsk Medical Institute and later in 1995 it was renamed and became famous with the name Ural State Medical Academy. In 2013, the university was awarded the status of a university and achieved its current name “Ural State Medical University”

Foundation year1930
Type of universityPublic
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students75+
Country Rank27
Total BudgetINR 15.00 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Ulyanovsk state university, Russia

The top NMC listed university in Russia like Ulyanovsk state university provides a globally recognised MBBS degree. It was established in 1988 and is located at Ulyanovsk city in Russia. Initially, it was a part of Moscow state university and later it received its own identity and is now recognised as Ulyanovsk State University.

It has developed a unique approach of providing training that improves not only the medical skills but also the overall personality of a candidate. The university provides great opportunities to make your career at international levels.

This university is considered one of the largest universities in the Voga region and is known for nurturing excellent doctors. It offers various distance education programs for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses.

Foundation year1988
Type of universityPublic
LocationUlyanovsk city
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students65+
Country Rank76
Total BudgetINR 17.02 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Ryazan State Medical University

Ryazan State Medical University was established in the year 1950 and it was named after the academician I.P Petrovich Pavlov (the Russian physiologist primarily known for his work in classical conditioning). It is positioned in the top position among different Russian medical universities. It provides specialist internship, graduate, postgraduate, doctoral programs with professional training.

The university is situated in Ryazan Oblast city of Russia. For over 70 years, Ryazan State Medical University has been continuously creating elite medical practitioners to serve the people. More than 56000 students have completed their graduation in a different stream, almost 1000 candidates from around 56 countries of the world take admission in this university consistently.

Foundation year1950
Type of universityPublic
LocationRyazan Oblast city
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students65+
Country Rank171
Total BudgetINR 20.42 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Medical Institute of MEPhi, Russia

It is a leading university in Russia that holds a position on the global education platform for providing quality education to candidates. The university was founded in 1942 in Moscow, Russia with the stream Nuclear energy and Engineering courses. At present, there are 3 separate institutes are functioning under Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhi)

The university has designed its MBBS program in such a way that it perfectly fits in the Indian medical council guidelines and is committed to providing high-quality training for therapeutic, psychological, preventive, diagnostic and conduct other activities that come in the medical sphere.

Foundation year1942
Type of universityPublic
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students88+
Country Rank22
Total BudgetINR 21.31 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Kazan Federal University, Russia

Kazan Federal University is one of the exceptional medical organizations of the Russian federation. It was laid out in 1804 and is arranged in Kazan city of Russia. It is a main academic and exploration focus with more than 50000 understudies including 1500 international understudies from 90 countries of the world. Notwithstanding, the establishment has 200 years of academic history and got its federal status in 2010.

The university is known for its academic results and examination in different fields including Biomedicine, Pharmacology, Geology, nanotechnologies, pedagogy, and inter-disciplinary circles. As it is one of the most preferred universities of Russia among Indian medical wannabes, it is positioned in the top universities for supporting or making top-notch medication specialists or doctors serve humankind.

Foundation year1804
Type of universityPublic
LocationKazan city
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students95+
Country Rank5
Total BudgetINR 27.07
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Russia

Far Eastern Federal University is the well-recognised university of Russia which was founded in 1899 and is located at Vladivostok in the Eastern region of Russia. It has the stakes of the Russian government and is known for delivering the star medical practitioner to the world. Its laboratory is one of the universities in Russia which was visited by the president of Russia Mr Vladimir Putin in 2014.

The campus of the university is spread in the area of 53000 sq meters and designed by following global standards. It has 14 medical departments which include general surgery, interventional cardiology, otorhinolaryngology, neurosurgery and many more.

Foundation year1899
Type of universityPublic
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students77+
Country Rank25
Total BudgetINR 18.09 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Crimea Federal University, Russia

Crimean Federal University is a famous institute for higher education situated in Simferopol, Russia. It was laid out in 1918 and was at first known as the Medical Faculty of Taurida University. In the wake of acquiring an independent status in 1931, it became well known with the name “Crimea Medical Institute”.

The university has a long history and has more than 7000 staff with different specializations. Furnished with all cutting edge equipment, it has been supporting outstanding medical professionals by synchronizing the latest technology with its instructing systems.

Crimea Federal University has candidates from around 54 nations across the world and as of late commended its 100 years in 2018. A couple of years back, it got the status of a federal government university.

Foundation year1918
Type of universityPublic
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students85+
Country Rank19
Total BudgetINR 18.00 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes
  • Altai State Medical University, Russia

It was founded in 1954 and is situated in Barnaul city which is the capital city of Altai Krai. ASMU has been supplying qualified medical professionals for more than 6 decades. It is recognised by various national and international organizations like WHO, NMC and accredited by the Ministry of the health of the Russian Federation.

It has a cultural exchange centre with a capacity of providing training for around 6000 students every year. The university has started accepting foreign students since 1991 and helping the candidates to become successful candidates. The university has a modern library with a huge collection of books and study material.

Foundation year1954
Type of universityPublic
LocationAltai Krai
NMC Gazette 2021 CompatibleYes
Indian students55+
Country Rank197
Total BudgetINR 17.00 Lakh
AccreditationWHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & AccommodationYes

Final Takeaway

There are plenty of opportunities for candidates looking for MBBS Abroad opportunities but Russia has its own edges and advantages. In this post of NMC listed medical colleges in Russia, you will find all the important details which are required for an aspirant before making their mind. 

Some of the Russian universities run bilingual course that means students will be taught in English as well as in Russian which becomes a great hurdle for Indian students because grasping a concept clearly in the Russian language make the understanding difficult, but with the help CollegeClue, you can filter out those universities only which follow English curriculum and compatible with new guidelines of national medical council under New NMC Gazette 2021.

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